Youtube Kids for Windows and Mac – Free Download

Youtube Kids for Windows and Mac - Free Download

Download YouTube Kids to your computer (Windows) or Mac for free from our website.

Presentation of the Youtube Kids application

Youtube Kids is an application that gives access to several Youtube videos for children. As its name suggests, this application is derived from the Youtube application. It is designed to allow children to be able to watch several videos (educational, cartoons, rhymes, songs, stories, etc.) safely and parents to be able to monitor their children thanks to the parental control option that she offers. In addition, the Youtube Kids application also allows you to transfer your channel references and your playlists to your children. In addition, it also offers the possibility of:

  • Add a video to the list already saved.
  • Play videos in landscape mode.
  • Do not create a Youtube account for your children.
  • Do not post comments and other items that will upset your child.
Youtube Kids for Windows and Mac - Free Download
Youtube Kids for Windows and Mac - Free Download

How The Youtube Kids app Works

After downloading the Youtube Kids application, you will need to follow the following steps for its proper functioning:

  • Also download the Youtube application and block it with the Applock application.
  • Open the Youtube Kids app and go to the home screen.
  • Type in the search bar the videos or channels that your children love.
  • Long press on videos to play or record them.
  • Go to the settings bar to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Set the PIN code you want for parental control.
  • Accept the required permissions.
  • Finally, let your children, enjoy this fabulous application, safely.

The particularity of this application lies in the fact that it is not only centered on the viewing of videos for children, but that it offers parents the possibility of having total control over the application of their children.

How to install YouTube Kids for PC and MAC (step by step)

  • Step 1 : Download Bluestack by clicking here (Mac and PC version) from your computer or Mac (from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your internet connection)
  • Step 2 : Install Bluestack on your computer or MAC by following the instructions on your screen.
  • Step 3 : Once installed, launch Bluestack by clicking on the icon that appears on your desktop.
  • Step 4 : Once Bluestack is open, open the Play Store (log in with your Google account or create a new Google account).
  • Step 5 : Search YouTube Kids in the Play Store through the search page.
  • Step 6 : Install YouTube Kids, wait a few seconds for installation time and finally:

Accounting for Computer and Mac

Here is the list of operating systems compatible with YouTube Kids :

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS Catalina
  • OS X 10 to OS X 10.11
  • macOS 10.12 to macOS 10.15

Warning : Bluestack is compatible with most of the OS, if your OS is not mentioned above, don't worry.

Install YouTube Kids on Android

  • Launch the Play Store from your Android device (Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, etc.).
  • Enter YouTube Kids in the search box and press "see" or "go".
  • Click on “install” to launch the installation of the game or the application (green button).
  • Finished! You can play YouTube Kids on your phone and Android device.

The weighing YouTube Kids game varies by device. Installation may take several seconds. To find out when YouTube Kids is installed, go to your home screen and see if the game logo is there.

Install YouTube Kids on iPhone

This info is general and can be different from one application to another but here are the main lines:

  • Launch the App Store from your IOS Phone (iPhone 7, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 or even your Ipad)
  • Enter YouTube Kids in the search field and press the game to enter the game or app's card.
  • Click on Install to launch the installation of the game or the application (green or blue button)
  • Finished! You can play YouTube Kids on your iPhone or iPad.

Installing YouTube Kids can take a while given the size of the file to download, so be patient. Once installed, you will see the YouTube Kids icon on the screen of your iOS mobile (iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 or even iOS 7)

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