Turn ON And OFF Galaxy S5 Safe Mode with Video

You want to know how to turn off safe mode on galaxy s5 and do not know exactly how this works? On this article, we have created a brief but complete guide in which you can see how to enable or disable the so-called Galaxy S5 Safe Mode.

galaxy s5 safe mode

Just a few weeks ago, the new flagship from the company Samsung had appeared, and this is no smaller smartphone than the successor of the S4. With the Galaxy S5, there are not only some visible changes but also a lot of innovations on the hardware and software side.

But even the best mobile phone can not work as it should because of malicious apps. Even though the download of apps from the official site like Google Play is entirely safe, you have under Android nevertheless the possibility to download from other sources apps. This can be partly a problem because some people download apps from dubious sources, which in turn are endowed with some kind of malware.

This is partly even so far that the Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot start anymore. What you can do when this case occurs and why you often read from a safe mode, we have summarized you briefly in this article.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Galaxy S5 or Disable Galaxy S5 Safe Mode

The safe mode Galaxy S5 can be explained quite simply if this is activated then starts the smartphone only in the factory state. If you’re a bit familiar with Computers and Windows, you can compare safe mode to Android in principle with the safe mode of Windows. If something goes wrong or an app can take over the smartphone or even do not allow a proper start, then you can get a first impression with the secure Android mode. Since no third-party apps will start at the time of start-up of the Galaxy S5.

Get Your Answer of How to disable or enable secure mode Galaxy S5

Frequently, the question is asked how to disable safe mode and which key combination must be used. Whether the device is in this mode, you can recognize in the lower area on a gray lettering.

Disable mode

To disable safe mode Galaxy S5, you just need to restart your smartphone. It is important to ensure that no buttons are pressed, or you have your complete fingers on the touchscreen. Simply turn off the smartphone and turn it back on without pressing anything.

Activate mode

  • To activate the mode, proceed as follows.
  • Shut down Galaxy S5 completely
  • Galaxy S5 and keep the volume key pressed during the startup process until Android is fully started

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