ONN gaming mouse software download for Windows & Mac

ONN Gaming Mouse Software is a program designed to maximize the performance of your computer’s USB or PS/2 mouse. The ONN Gaming Mouse software makes changes to both the hardware and software of your computer in order to increase the accuracy and responsiveness of your mouse. With this software, you can use your mouse with greater accuracy, control, and ease when playing games, surfing the internet, editing photos, or working on a document.

Download the ONN Gaming Mouse Software from here and then install it on your computer. You can also download the PC version of ONN here. For Mac users, you will need to install this program via a USB flash drive or other media player instead of installing from within OS X’s App Store.

ONN gaming mouse software download for Windows & Mac from here

Onn Gaming Mouse Software Download

Features of the ONN Gaming Mouse Software are

1. It reduces mouse lag and smooths out scrolling and clicking. Using this software, you can increase your response time from one millisecond to 1ms, which is equal to one millisecond per second. When playing games, you will notice that your response time is increased.

2. Reduces mouse jitter and improves tracking accuracy by reducing the amount of hardware movement required to move the cursor on the screen. With this software, you can reduce jitter from 0.1 pixels to .00005 pixels (that’s down to .0005 pixels per second). This can be seen when using a high-end gaming mouse.

3. Improves accuracy and reduces lag by increasing the number of DPI steps (dots per inch) from 400 to 1600 or 3200. The lower your DPI, the more your mouse will have to move before the cursor moves. By increasing your DPI, you can reduce lag and improve accuracy.

4. If you have a USB or PS/2 compatible gaming mouse, this software is for you! This program works with all standard PC mice (including wireless). If your computer has a PS/2 port, you can use this software with the ONN Optical Gaming Mouse.

5. Please note that your mouse may not work properly when using the program. In order to test if your mouse will work with the program, download it from here and then try plugging in your mouse. If it does not work, you can try updating your mouse firmware or purchasing a new gaming mouse.

6. To download the ONN Gaming Mouse Software for Windows (compatible with Windows XP and above), please click here. For Mac users, please click here.

7. The Onn Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse designed for professional and casual gamers. It features a precision optical sensor, 8 programmable buttons, and a high-grade aluminum body that allows the user to adjust the DPI to their desired level.

8. The Onn features 16.8M of customizable RGB colors, with LED lighting effects, and can be used in different modes (game, macro, clicker, etc.) without any configuration.

9. The Onn comes with a braided cable cover to prevent tangles and a side anti-slip rubber grip to help keep it in place.

Frequently Asked Questions on ONN gaming mouse software

Q: What are the supported operating systems?

A: The Onn Gaming Mouse works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and MAC.

Q: Can I use it on a Mac? Will it work without driver or software installation?

A: Yes, the Onn Gaming Mouse works with Mac OSX 10.7 and above without any driver or software installation required.

Q: What is the difference between a mechanical mouse and an optical one?

A: The most obvious difference is that a mechanical mouse uses a physical mechanism to convert the motion of your hand into a signal that can be read by the computer. An optical mouse, on the other hand, uses an optical sensor to detect movement and then converts it into a digital signal.

Q: What is a DPI?

A: A DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. The DPI is the amount of dots per inch, or how many pixels are used to display an image on your screen.

Q: How do I adjust the DPI?

A: You can adjust the DPI with buttons on top of the mouse (and in the software).

Q: What is the button layout?

A: The Onn Gaming Mouse has 8 programmable buttons.

Q: Can I switch to other button layouts?

A: Yes, you can change the button layout in the software or on your computer. You will need to reconfigure the buttons after you make the change.

Q: What is DPI-Switch?

A: DPI-Switch lets you switch between different DPI settings, depending on your preferences. This feature comes in handy when playing games with high graphics demands and low frame rates or for people who prefer a slower DPI setting.

Q: What is the maximum speed of the mouse?

A: The Onn Gaming Mouse has a 1000Hz polling rate, which means that it can send data to your computer 100 times per second. This is not as fast as other mice on the market, but it is still very fast.

Q: Can I control the mouse with my PC’s keyboard?

A: Yes, you can use your computer’s keyboard to control the Onn Gaming Mouse. Just plug in a USB-to-PS/2 adapter cable into your computer and then plug the other end into your mouse.

Q: What is the Onn Gaming Mouse’s software?

A: The Onn Gaming Mouse comes with a free utility called Game Control Panel that allows you to change all of its settings. You can also download additional software for it, including anti-ghosting software and a utility to record macros.


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The Onn Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse that can be used for both work and play. It has great sensitivity, which makes it ideal for gaming. Its buttons are also very easy to use, which makes the mouse suitable for people who aren’t familiar with computers or PC games. The Onn Gaming Mouse is a good buy for those who want to play games and use their computer at the same time.

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