How to Leave a Group Text on iPhone (IOS)

The iPhone group chat or text allow you to linked with your friends, colleagues, etc. to communicate with each other in one place or one conversation. This can be very helpful and useful if you are trying to arrange a party with friends arrange a meeting with colleagues or discuss your business activities. However, the constant alerts and a huge number of text messages which you will receive will annoy you. If you wonder how to leave a group text, then this article describe you the right method to leave a group chat and also explain how to send messages in group chat.

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How to Send Group Text on Apple Devices

  • Download Connect from the Apple application store and start the application and allow this to access your contacts
  • In the contact list, select the desired contacts which you want to send messages or you want to add them to your group chat
  • Now tap and hold with your finger on the name of the group
  • After that, you will be offered various options. Tap the option called message
  • All of your contacts will automatically check with default setting and added to your group You will also uncheck some of your contacts which you don’t want to be part of the group text. Then tap the OK on the upper right side (CORNER) when the process was done
  • Name of the contacts in this group will automatically update and appear on the contact Now, you will usually type a message and send it in your group chat

Leave a Group Text

How to Leave a Group Text

As you know in group chat, there are countless messages alerts may annoy you. Some peoples don’t like group chats, but their friends and colleagues added them. If you want to leave a group text then following are the steps to how to get off a group text:

STEP No 1:

First of all, you will locate your setting by a tap on setting icon which is appear on your home screen and access the menu.

STEP No 2:

Now, scroll down to the text messages icon and tap it to access your phone settings. Then, locate the SMS and MMS heading.

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STEP No 3:

Find the Group chats or Messaging line and tap the white colored circle next to disable that feature. When the feature is shown as OFF and your preferences are automatically saved.

STEP No 4:

Locate your messages on your phone home screen and tap on the icon. Now find the group chat which you were previously involved in and tap it. Go to the Edit option on the right top of the phone screen.

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STEP No 5:

Finally, this is the last step, now select the Clear All option which appears at the top of your phone screen, after that, tap on clear conversation option to remove or delete the entire messages. When this process is done, you will not able to retrieved or recover your messages again.

How to remove from group text? Above is the method to remove yourself from group text iPhone with very easy and quick method.

Hope this video will also help you to mute or leave a group text:

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