(Latest Version) Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

This week has appeared on the network, after months of waiting, BlueStacks, a program that runs applications and Android games in Windows 7 (and soon on Mac). It is an initial alpha version. I’m going to provide you with the bluestacks offline installer direct download link from this article.

bluestacks offline installer direct download

BlueStacks comes with a list of pre-installed Android applications, but also allows us to move our own applications from our Android terminal. Even with everything, BlueStacks offers a series of restrictions and special additions.

The official features of BlueStacks Offline Installer:

  • Play Android applications and games full screen and quickly
  • The possibility of transferring your favorite Android applications from your Smartphone to your PC using “BlueStacks Cloud Connect”
  • Run 10 pre-loaded applications as soon as you install it
  • Install up to 26 more applications
  • You can go slow on old laptops or tablets
  • Available for free for Windows 7

Although not yet available, BlueStacks will have a “Pro” version of payment (with undetermined price), which increases the capabilities of the program in a couple of aspects to what already exists in the free version:

  • Enjoy “Premium apps” like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope on your Windows
  • Install an unlimited number of applications

This program will be tremendously useful, for example, for users who have Windows 7 tablets and do not want to deprive themselves of having an “almost” android experience.

I have tried it and we are going to tell you about the general impressions left by this first alpha launched this week:

When finished installing the executable file for Windows 7, which occupies about 110 MB, and can be downloaded directly from its official site, it leaves us a “gadget” on the desktop of our system, from it we will immediately access the 10 pre-applications. -installed very comfortably.

Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

==>> Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

These applications logically work without major problem, both in horizontal mode and in vertical mode, as well as in full screen or original resolution.

Thanks to BlueStacks Cloud Connect and your client for our Android terminals, we can send the applications to the cloud with a simple tap of the finger (as is, a mini-point for its creators).

Yes, it is not guaranteed that each and every one of them works, currently, there are applications that do not work (case of the well-known WhatsApp) or even show the feared “force close” of Android, as is the case of iLightr. Others cannot be executed because they are “Premium”, according to the developers, as is the case of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds.

Others work without problems, although they require the use of specific parts of the phone (microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth). Talking Tom 2, for example, makes the system microphone work perfectly, Dolphin Browser HD is not lost when surfing the internet with our WiFi card of the team. Others like the controversy “Penetrate”, does not locate WiFi signals, but it does allow downloading dictionaries from its database.

It is also possible to install “launchers” like the ADW Launcher (for Youtube there are videos that show it) and enjoy practically a complete Android experience. To use the BlueStacks Cloud Connect system it is necessary to register using Facebook, one of the drawbacks. On the other hand, the touch controls will be made with the mouse, touch screen or trackpad of the Windows system. For multitouch applications, it seems that we will have a little complicated.

I encourage you personally to try this program for yourselves and comment on your experiences with it. We are waiting for the release of improved versions, with more features and the Mac version.

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