Download Torch Browser for PC

Download Torch Browser for PC

The Torch Browser is based on Chrome, but part of its development was done by Torch Media. It has many unique functions that set it apart from other browsers.

What are the features of this browser?

Torch Browser manages various common tasks related to the internet. Thus, it deals among other things: the display of your websites, the acceleration of the speed of your downloads, faster access to online media, etc. Its interface looks a bit like that of the Chrome browser, with a few differences. On the interface of Torch Browser, you will find different tools common to all browsers of the same genre such as: history, download manager, a module to choose and synchronize your favorites as well as all your settings. You will also find tools that other browsers do not necessarily have. This is the torrent download tool, to do all your downloads from the browser, and functions that allow you to share on social networks. You will even have the TorchMusic function, as well as a recovery module to allow you to save your audio and video files available for streaming. With TorchMusic, you can listen to all your tracks from the Torch Browser. You can also search for other music and manage your different playlists.

The Torch Browser is available for free download. You should know that it is compatible with any add-on that you find in the Chrome Store. All the results of your research via this software, your different files and websites, can be shared with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Torch Browser is a really powerful browser, offering many fairly innovative functions.

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