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Today, I suggest you test with me the connected doorbell The Ring. Thanks to this test, you will discover its different features, how it works, how to install and of course my opinion on The Ring.

ring video doorbell app

What you need to know is that Ring has managed to make a name for itself in the smart home world with its line of connected doorbells that can record video. The bet was not won against the competition that currently reigns in the home automation market.

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The Ring review – a connected video doorbell

The company’s latest product, The Ring, is a technological evolution of the first model. It offers a high-resolution video stream at 1080p, compared to 720p for the first model, and makes it easier to recharge the device’s internal battery if you haven’t wired it electrically.

Overall the doorbell is well thought out, has a nice design, and offers a whole range of very comprehensive features. My first impressions of the product are therefore good. This good impression continues when the product is unpacked since everything has been thought of; even the small kit of tools needed to install the connected doorbell.

The Ring review – installation

Honestly, the doorbell is pretty straightforward to put down. But beware, The Ring is not the type of product that you put on and that you can easily remove. It is a permanent installation! The first good point is that it is possible to operate your doorbell on battery or via an electrical connection. I don’t have the proper electrical connection; the battery was therefore essential. Download Now

As for the installation itself, four wood screws were enough to secure The Ring. Two brackets are included to allow you to tilt or orient your doorbell optimally. In the end, the installation takes about ten to fifteen minutes. If you have any doubts about your electrical connection, small video tutorials are at your disposal.

The Ring review – configuration

Once your connected doorbell is installed, comes the configuration step. To do so, you have to download the application, install it on your smartphone and create an account.

You just have to let yourself be guided by the various features offered. Nothing very complicated! Sound volume, live video stream, event history, users, etc. Everything is configurable and viewable in a few clicks.

The Ring review – how it works

Like any doorbell, you just need to press it to trigger it. From there, The Ring rings your smartphone and sends you a notification. Tap on it to see the live video stream. The brand has also planned an accessory: the Chime Pro; which is to put it simply, a speaker for the doorbell.

Regarding the image that appears on the smartphone, I have a little trouble believing that it is HD. The image is not exceptional but in any case sufficient to know who is in front of your door. Note: the camera also has infrared sensors allowing it to see who is ringing your doorbell when it is dark.

It also has a motion detection feature that lets you know if someone is lurking around your door; even if it doesn’t ring. Via the Ring app, you can also control the range of motion detection and configure schedules to deactivate alerts. A good point to know if the delivery man who says he came to your place has come by or not!

The Ring review – A great product!

Overall The Ring smart doorbell is a great product. Without a doubt the best-connected video doorbell on the market. The original promise is largely kept and even exceeded. However, two points remain to be improved.

The first concerns the battery. Advertised with an operating time of six to twelve months on a charge of five to six hours, the reality is that it lasts more for a month, see a month and a half by disabling the live stream. The second black point: the subscription of 3 euros, or 30 euros per year, to have access to videos of the events listed in your history.

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