Clash of Clans Free Download for PC & MAC

Clash of Clans Free Download for PC & MAC

Epic strategy game. Build a village, train your troops, and fight!

Many people who use Clash of Clans on their phones would like to enjoy it on their computer, but they don't know that it is possible. Are you one of them? The good news is that it is indeed possible, and even somewhat easy to achieve, whether you use a PC or a Mac! Find out step by step how to have Clash of Clans on PC.

Features of Clash of Clans PC

Clash of Clans Free Download for PC & MAC
Clash of Clans Free Download for PC & MAC

Join millions of players to build a village, form a clan and take part in epic clan wars!

Mustached barbarians, fire-launching wizards and other unique troops await you! Enter the world of Clash!

New features:
● Upgrade town hall to level 12 to see your town hall retaliate!
● Harness the power of siege engines to break through the toughest tusks.
● Alongside your clan, take part in clan games to win precious magic items.

Classic features:
● Join other players' clan or create your own and invite friends.
● Compete against players from around the world as a team in the context of clan wars.
● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars and ramparts.
● Face the Goblin King by waging a campaign across the kingdom.
● Prepare your strategy with countless combinations of troops, spells, and heroes!
● Friendly challenges, friendly wars, and special events.
● Train unique troops and improve their level.
● Go to the workers' base to discover new buildings and characters from a mysterious world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Clash of Clans is a free game to download and play, but may offer the option of purchasing items for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. In addition, under the terms of our terms of use and our privacy policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to download and play Clash of Clans.

You will also need an Internet connection.

How to download and install Clash of Clans for PC and Mac?

Originally, Clash of Clans was an Android application; it is, therefore, impossible to install it on PC or Mac like any software. To successfully install and use this application on your computer, you must use an Android emulator. It is software that allows your computer to behave like a mobile and, therefore, receive and use applications. Two of the best emulators available are Nox App Player and Bluestacks.

Download Clash of Clans on PC with BlueStacks

To download the application, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Download Bluestacks: First, you need to download an emulator like Bluestacks to make things work.
  2. Follow the prompts: After downloading the extension, open it and follow the prompts to extract the Bluestacks application player to your computer entirely.
  3. Tap on “Next” : Once you get to the Bluestacks player welcome screen, press the “Next” button to continue.
  4. Provide data location: After that, you need to mention the data location for the player. You can choose any place for this, but C: / Folder driving program will be more than enough. Now click on the “Next” tab.
  5. Give access: To run the application smoothly, you can provide bluestacks Player with access to the application store. It depends entirely on your preference. If you are not OK with this, there is no need to confirm this action.
  6. Install the application: Once done, you must hit the “Install” tab. To perform this action, the player will go through four stages. The player will keep you informed of the processes when it runs. After the completion of the installation process, you need to press the “Finishing” tab after receiving the notification.
  7. Download Clash of Clans: Now you're all ready to Clash of Clans on your system.
  8. Install the application: In the left menu on Bluestacks, you will see an icon for APK present in the center. From there, you can install apps that you've downloaded so far. So, just tap on this icon to go further.
  9. Click on “Open” : Once you have found the APK Clash's location, move to the site and press “Open”. The installation process will start with a notification.
  10. Successful : After following the steps, you will see something like the screenshot above on your computer screen. And in a few moments, Clash of Clans will be installed on your computer.

You will need a Google account to connect with yours or create a dedicated one for Nox App Player and Bluestacks.

Download Clash of Clans on PC with Nox App Player

I hope that by using the link above, you have downloaded Nox App Player for PC.

  1. Open the folder in which the downloaded file is located and double-click to start the installation;
  2. Wait while the program updates the files essential to the operation of the emulator. These files are stored on your machine's hard drive;
  3. After Nox App Player is completely installed, relaunch it;
  4. You now need a connection to a Google account to be able to download from the integrated Play store or save your data. Click on the existing button to log into your account or create a new one. This will take only few minutes ;
  5. You are ready to use the emulator. Switch between the home screen or the menu at will. Your Android games and applications are waiting for you to run on your PC or laptop.
  6. Open the emulator, look to the right of the screen, locate a bar full of icons and click on the "Add an APK" icon;
  7. A window will appear to you. Check the "I know" option and select the Mobdro APK file;
  8. It will not take more than a few minutes for it to install and for the Mobdro icon to appear on the Nox App Player home screen. Nothing's easier !

What are you waiting for to jump at the opportunity? This solution to download Clash of Clans PC is free and safe.

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