Best free games for Android

Want to take advantage of the summer period to dive into the best mobile games, Android? With millions of titles in the store, it's not easy to see clearly: follow the guide, we offer you our selection of the 50 essential games and free to boot!

The Best Free Games for Android

With today more than 2.5 billion activated devices and nearly 86% of market share, Android stands out as the most used operating system in the mobile world. And on Google Play, video games are undeniably at the top of the list of the most popular applications. But here it is: immense audience obliges, between the thousands of free-to-play , the ports of cult titles of home consoles or the small indie nuggets, it is not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

To laze on the beach, spend the time in summer transport or simply dive into exceptional titles, follow the guide: here you will find our own selection of the best free games for Android . We have chosen to limit the number of games to 50, so we have selected the most interesting titles for those who want to have fun with an Android smartphone or tablet. Without spending a single cent.

It should be noted that this is a selection of free games and therefore, in many cases, contains in-app purchases. Although it is often possible to resist the temptation without damaging your experience and your pleasure of playing. Among these 50 games, some also integrate advertising in the menus or during the game itself, while others do without advertisements, in the hope that the players, if they enjoy the game, will buy items. All models coexist.

All the games have been tested, the few issues we may have encountered are mentioned.

PUBG Mobile

Is it really necessary to introduce PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds? A real tidal wave since its release, this Battle Royale broke all records on PC and has largely contributed to propelling the genre to the fore. It must be said that the game of Blue Hole has it all: breathtaking competitive FPS playable alone or in a team, it offers an addictive gaming experience as possible that many try to emulate with more or less success. You just have to see the number of games based on the same principle released in the following months to realize this.

Mobile obliges, the PUBG clonesvery quickly colonized Google Play, offering gaming experiences ranging from more than correct (Rules of Survival for example) to really not terrible. But why settle for copies when the original is now available on Android, and what's more free? If you want to experience the thrill of a trip to Military, Gatka or Los Leones, you know what you have to do.

We like: rediscover the charm of this Battle Royale on the screen of a mobile, taking advantage of an exclusive card, Livik.

Mario Kart Tour

The fourth mobile version of the Nintendo catalog, after Animal Crossing, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World, Mario Kart Tour was perhaps also the most anticipated. The phenomenal success of this wacky racing series where banana skins and turtle shells succeed controlled skids and turbo starts is well established. Transposed to the reduced screen of a smartphone, it fortunately retains all its flavor. You operate your kart with one finger, by adjusting the skids and by borrowing springboards or by throwing all the emblematic weapons of the saga. A treat, after some adaptation time!

Very successful transposition of the cult kart game, Mario Kart Tour benefits from a splendid achievement. You quickly find the sensations worthy of console games, with handling intelligently adapted to the screen of a smartphone. The selection of races is particularly wide, with some new circuits and the most popular races from previous versions. The challenge system, updated every two weeks, also offers challenges. Nintendo only has to integrate a “real” multiplayer mode, to make it the ultimate edition of the series!

We like: rediscovering the sensations of the cult saga, with regular additions.

Pokémon Go

Continue to recommend to you, four years after its release, the Niantic game which was a real phenomenon in the summer of 2016? Yes, more than ever. If only to praise its extraordinary unifying and social capacities, with still today millions of players who organize themselves in discussion groups and who find themselves, really, on the ground. What other mobile game can say the same? But also to underline its quality of follow-up, with updates which regularly come to enrich the gaming experience and specific events promoting a specific aspect.

Outdoor Pokemon hunting, trading with friends, multi-party raids in arenas (including remote or by invitation), PvP battles around the world, fighting Team Rocket parading in hot air balloons, special evolutions on the go. aid of objects or purification of dark Pokémon… Pokémon Go has been incredibly renewed since its launch. Whether you use it as an alibi to move more or have acute collection damage, there are all good reasons to indulge in it.

We like: the principle of leaving home (thanks to a video game!), The community spirit and the regular renewal of the gameplay

Dofus Touch

Released in 2004, Dofus is an MMORPG created by the French company Ankama. Like many other MMOs, Dofus allows players to play characters from various classes, here revised and corrected in Ankama style. Very rich, the world of 12 offers many possibilities to its players, from trade to craftsmanship through a fairly unique ecosystem management (some species may disappear in the event of intensive hunting).

It was in 2016 that Ankama, after a long adaptation process, released Dofus Touch, a tablet and phone version of its famous MMO. Reproducing identically the content of the PC version, this iteration is a real success in terms of ergonomics, which is not an easy task when you see the list of features of the game. MMO player or not, Dofus Touch is worth trying.

We like: the quality of the portage, incredibly well done.

Clash Royale

The latest production to date from Supercell (the studio behind Clash of Clans), Clash Royale is undoubtedly THE title not to be missed at the moment. Located at the crossroads of MOBA, Tower Defense and the collectible card game, this little game has every aspect of a big one. Before each game, you will need to build a deck of cards made up of both spells and creatures, which you will need to use on the battlefield to defeat your opponent. Once the game has started, you will have to use wisely the various cards in your game to invade the opposing camp, while repelling enemy attacks. Simple on the surface, this title has a tactical and technical depth that has already propelled it onto the sports scene.

We like: the gameplay, as easy to understand as it is complex to master.

Brawl Stars

With several million active players, Brawl Stars has since its release in 2017 become a real mobile gaming phenomenon. Developed by Supercell (the team behind Clash Royale and Clash of Clans), this MOBA-style multiplayer fighting game offers players from around the world to fight (as a team or solo) in a high-energy atmosphere. Around 30 fighters (or "brawlers") are to be unlocked, each with their own powers, abilities, and possibilities for upgrades.

Several game modes are available: team versus team, battle royale, boss fight, turret defense, etc. Each game lasts less than three minutes, making it a game particularly well suited to mobile support.

We like: the quick games, which follow one another, and the many game modes.

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