How to recover deleted pictures on Android

An impulsive gesture, a mistake, or even a big bug, and there goes your photos, videos or favorite songs. Even if you do not have a backup, all is not lost! Today I will show two ways to recover deleted files and bring them back to your Android.

How to recover deleted pictures on Android Via computer

No need to root your device to retrieve audio files, video and photos from your smartphone. You will need to use a computer and a program like Recuva.

How to recover deleted files on Android

  • Connect your Android device to your computer;
  • Open Recuva;
  • Select your device in the top list on the left and click Scan;
  • When the scan finished, select the file and click Recover.

The preview of your file is not available, but do not worry, this is normal. This time, save the file to your computer! With Recuva, you can also select more files to get them all at once.

You can also use an alternative program to Recuva: it is called 7-Data Recovery and works the same way.

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How to recover deleted pictures via application

Some applications allow you to recover deleted pictures directly from your Android device. We can suggest the DiskDigger, which recovers deleted files from the internal memory or microSD card.

Please note: This app is only applicable to a rooted device only.

The app works like a computer program: Open this app, activates a scan and select the files you want to retrieve. This time, you can view the erased photos or videos more quickly, and the application allows you to send to your email.

What do you think of these methods? Do you know another way to recover deleted files on Android?

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