Use These Best Tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas for Your Blog

Today we will concentrate on how we to get the idea of a blog post to write a killer article and that will give a lot of traffic from organic search result. This article will help you to get killer content ideas for your blog. As you know that as a blogger, article writing takes a time. But the time is over because I’m going to elaborate all the possible ways by using some different online free tools by which you will able to generate contest ideas for your blog or website. All these tools are not only used by me but also many professional blogger are used to generate fresh content idea.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

Here I’ll introduce more than 10 free tools which are enough for your blog to write killer content day by day. If you are a newbie then you will think that create a killer content is not so easy and it takes a lot of effort and so much time. But I hope these tools will help to generate fresh content idea very quickly. Fine, without any further delay let me discuss all those effective ways for creating killer content for your blog.

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1. Topsy

Have you heard Topsy word? Yes, this is a fantastic tool for getting great content ideas. Here is the look of this site.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

  1. Here you have to enter any keyword and then hit search option. See, I’m using one keyword “killer content”.
  2. After searching this keyword, you will see a new window of search result. Now see, these are the most tweeted posts that related to your keyword. It means that these are the best as well as good performing article on Twitter.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

You will get more appropriate result by sorting the results by time. By doing this, Topsy will show you the number of tweets in that specific time.

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2. Buzz Sumo

Buzzsumo is just super. BuzzSumo asks us to search for a certain topic, keyword, and he shows a series of content that are highly shared on Social Media and find not only the content and more topics that have already had positive feedback, where the public has already proven to appreciate. Ina single word, Buzzsumo is one of the best tool to generate content idea.

Now have a look on Buzzsumo.

  1. Go to Buzzsumo and head over to it.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

  1. Now enter your Money Keyword. I’m using “Content Creation”.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

  1. Here you will get most powerful results. That is you not only get the most popular blogs as well as get most liked content which are shared on different social media sites.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

  1. Now you have got idea on your keyword to write an article. That is why I’m always give thanks to Buzzsumo.

Note: If you see this search result carefully that you must see a cool feature on it. Hare you can filter your content by date or any type of content. Like:

  • Infographic
  • Articles
  • Guest Posts
  • Interviews
  • Videos

3. Social Network

Social network has a power that you can’t believe. Please try to understand what I’m saying. All those famous site’s owner has a number of fan on their social page and that’s why they get more like and comment after posting any content on their social page.

Now what you have to do, just follow those pages and see which types of content people likes more and try to reach them. If you continue follow these sites you will definitely get ideas for articles. Each social is important and everyone has a different response from the public so, follow as many as you can.

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4. Quora

Quora is amazing and one of the best place where you will get the idea of unique content. Quora is based on applications by the users of these questions and there will be others who will want to express their opinions or simply share something they already know.

There are an infinite variety of applications and is easy to identify a question more or less specifies that gives us the opportunity to speak in a new cool fresh content published on our site or blog.

5. Ubersuggest

Just wait a second and boom! Hundreds of keywords will come out of the hat of UberSuggest. A simple form to fill out with a more or less specific keywords and this tool will show you many long tail keywords that you can use to generate new article and to find new ideas for other types of content.

  1. Here you have to enter your keyword and hit enter.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

  1. Then this tool will show you a number of long tail keyword which is related to your keyword.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

You can select any of these keywords and start your article writing.

6. Google Suggest

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Google Suggest has become almost as important Keyword Planner and it is effective because it gives us dozens and dozens of keywords that people search for on the Google.

Using it is simple. Just type a certain word and wait for Google suggestion just below the form a series of words or phrases to complete the search more specifically.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

7. Amazon Reviews

We all know that Amazon is one of the great online shopping store. Here you will get the actual reviews on a products. When people buy any product from Amazon then they might share their personal experience based on the product. You also get customer questions and answers for a products.

Now what you have to do just close attention to the negative reviews because it is good opportunity for answering their issue by writing a good and effective article. Here I’m sharing a review.

Best Free tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

This types of reviews can give you a best chance to create a several unique article.

8. Don’t Ignore Reader’s Comments

A reader’s comment is a most important thing of a blogger. Reader’s comment is the actual result of your article that is it good or not. It is a great chance to take an advantage of the audience through directly communicate with them by answering their questions or giving a solution to overcome from problems.

It is not possible to answer all the questions with one piece of article and that’s why reader may follow up your content by simply asking a question. It is a great way to communicate with them by replying back to their question with answer.

I hope these tools must help you to Generate Killer Content Ideas. If you think that I’ve missed any important tool that please comment bellow. Thank you.