[Free WhatsApp] How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet from Today

I think WhatsApp is familiar to all of you. But what is the special trick of this article? Yes, this is a secret as well as a most powerful trick of WhatsApp. After reading this article, you can use WhatsApp without the internet. Are you shocked by reading that headline! Ok, I’m going to clear your confusion about “WhatsApp Without Internet”, “WhatsApp without internet is it true“, “WhatsApp without internet data plan“. As you know that WhatsApp is so popular messenger among any others apps. In a few months ago, WhatsApp introduced good features called “Voice calling” which allow you to make calls to anyone. But the problem is that you have to use an internet connection to make calls. Now coming to the actual reason of this article is that How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet from Today. You can easily use WhatsApp for free without any internet connection.How to use WhatsApp without internet

Before some months or a year, there is no option to use WhatsApp without internet. But now it is possible. Now I’m gonna be explaining you the actual way to use WhatsApp without internet. The one and only easiest solution is ChatSim. I think all of you have never heard about this ChatSim word. Now the question is what is ChatSim and how can you use this ChatSim to use WhatsApp without internet? Don’t worry, I’ll explain all the features of this ChatSim and also elaborate how can you use this ChatSim.

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Secret information about WhatsApp without internet

Actually, ChatSim is one type of sim card which is like a normal sim card. By inserting ChatSim into your mobile phone, you can make call and communicate with your friends. Now coming to the next point. Basically, it is a simple process to use ChatSim such like your smartphone sim. When you will insert this ChatSim in your mobile phone and then you can use WhatsApp without an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp but also you can use all the popular messaging apps like Hike, BBM, Hike, Line, Tango, WeChat and much more.

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Use whatsapp without internet

WhatsApp without internet is it true? Yes, it is

You can use this ChatSim at anywhere in the world without using of the internet. Now, I’m going to explain how does ChatSim work. As you can see above picture, which is the actual look of ChatSim. You can use this ChatSim everywhere in this world and able to use WhatsApp without internet. This sim card might help those people who are always love traveling and can’t afford the price of the internet. ChatSim card has beautiful features like no other. You can exchange unlimited text and emoji all over the world. Not only text but also pictures, videos, audio, voice message and more.

WhatsApp without internet data plan not needed

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What do you think about this ChatSim? Is it free or paid? No, never expect this to be free. You have to pay some money to use this ChatSim. It cost around €30.00. There are three types of sim like Nano, Micro, and Standard. This is how you can use WhatsApp without the internet.

Download Best Free Media Player for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC

Media player software can be used to see all kinds of videos to your computer, but it requires some research. Windows Media Player (WMP) is the default program in windows. This player not graphically compatible with all file formats.

If you have high-quality video, audio or even movie then you have to use best video player for your windows. Here you will see most powerful and best media player for windows 7/8/8.1/10. This article for those who want to know which is the best free media players for PC and MAC. Today I will suggest you some of the best media players that can help you to play HD videos and movies. If you ask that are these media player supports all types of Microsoft Windows systems like 32-bit and 64-bit OS? Then the answer is YES.Download Best Free Media Player for Windows 7/8/8.1 or MAC

If you search for “Best Free Video Player” on the internet then you will get a lot of media player for windows and you can’t select which is the best for you. Here I’m going to suggest you the most powerful as well as popular and best media player for your Windows and MAC OS. All these media player are so good. You can use any of these media players for your PC.

Best Free Media Player for Windows and MAC

Here I have listed best video player with very carefully for you. These are not only my choice but also millions of PC user already chooses. So feel free to use these free media player for your Windows or MAC. Have a look of these best media player.

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VlC Media Player (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)


VLC Media Player is the open source media player most famous and widely used in the world. VLC media player is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and is compatible with all popular video formats. The interface is excellent with having simple menus and customizable toolbars. This is powerful, lightweight, fast and has keyboard shortcuts that make it very easy to use. VLC is also able to repair corrupt or damaged video and play partially downloaded videos. The advanced controls allow you to record streaming flows.

KMPlayer (Windows)

KM PlayerKMPlayer is also a popular free media player. It has many advanced features, supports all file formats and is extremely customizable, available in multiple languages. In Windows 8.1 KMPlayer is looking awesome and you will feel comfortable by playing any media with this. Here you will get all the option by right click in the main windows. Interference of this media player is too good.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Windows)

Media Player Classic Home CinemaIt is definitely the easiest program to install and use and also lightweight having full options. It is an incredibly small size program with a wide range of functionality. This player is available only for Windows. All types of file like DVD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG 4, MP3 supports. It is easy to use and that’s why the Media Player Classic Home Cinema is one of the best video player for windows.

PotPlayer (Windows)


The best media player for Windows is probably unknown PotPlayer program, developed by the same author KMPlayer.PotPlayer is the powerful multimedia player having good features and also easy to use with high-quality video and audio. With PotPlayer, especially on 64-Bit computers, you can enjoy by watching high definition MKV movies and listen to the sound with Dolby Surround sound. It includes a long list of audio and video codecs including that can play virtually any media format exists. The PotPlayer supports GPU acceleration and post-processing that’s why it can reduce CPU usage and making smoother playback and not influenced by the quality and file size.

PotPlayer can also be used to watch TV and also your favorite shows. Other features of this media player are, you can watch streaming video without download, capture a screenshot, recording from streaming flows, AutoPlay for similar files in a folder and more.This PotPlayer is now the first choice of programs to watch videos and movies to your computer.

JetAudio (Windows)


JetAudio is also a popular media player. JetAudio not only provides an excellent music system but also a powerful multimedia player, complete with tons of options.

The video quality is excellent, good sound quality and also support for subtitles. JetAudio is the great if you are looking for a unique program that supports managing music and movies, audio CD playback, ripping, recording, converting audio and video in various formats, listening to web radio.

DivX (Windows/Mac OS X)

DivxIf you are looking for best HD video player then DivX is the best one for you. It has user-friendly interference with having huge number of features. You can use this media player into your Windows or Mac OS X. DivX is a powerful video player for you. You can play any types of files by using this media player. Divx offered you by some set of keyboard commands for navigating the interface of DivX and also gives you a quick performing playback action.

Conclusion: All these media player are free to use. All you have to do just go to their official website bu clicking the link that I have already given. If you think that I have missed another good free media player then must share your thinking by commenting bellow. I hope this article will help you to choose the best video player for windows and Mac.

[New] How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Taking advantage of the cloud or the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can transfer data and contacts from an iPhone to an Android smartphone in a few minutes.

When you decide to change your smartphone or tablet for whatever reason, you will face with a significant problem. Your old smartphone must contain information and data of all kinds from contacts to e-mail and many working documents. Then how can you transfer contacts and data from android to iPhone? Yes, you can do it with easily.How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Tricks to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

1. Cloud Storage

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

It is the simplest method based on creating an account on one of the many cloud storage services available on the market and install applications on the two smartphones. Depending on the size of files to be transferred, You can select one of them which give you more space. Once you signed up any Cloud storage site, then upload your data to move from one phone to another.

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2. Send Anywhere

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

By installing Send Anywhere application, you can send documents anywhere on their Android and iOS devices. You can transfer data between the two devices without the cloud space. In fact, the application will use the data connectivity and p2p networks to implement the transfer of any type of data stored on the phone memory.

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3. Copy My Data

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

To transfer contacts, calendar appointments, photos and various kinds of files between an Android and iOS smartphone. Only you have to install the application Copy My Data on both devices and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. At that point, you can transfer the files from one phone to another by using the transmission bandwidth of your Wi-Fi router.

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4. Instashare

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Instashare not only allows you to transfer files between iOS and Android smartphones but also between Windows and OS X. In this case, instead of relying on the Internet, the application will use the modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices to create an ad hoc network through which to pass photos, text documents, spreadsheets, and anything else you want to transfer between two mobile devices.

[Fix] How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

Another secret tutorial only for you. We all use Skype messenger and it is so good. Isn’t it? But most of the time we really feel irritated because of it’s randomly ads. That’s why I was about “How to disable Skype advertisements” on internet and finally I fix this problem. Now I’m free to use Skype without any ads. Do you want to know this trick to get rid from Skype ads? Then read this article with very carefully.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

Trick to Remove Skype ads

Now I’m going to share with you how to disable ads in Skype Desktop Client. All you have to do just follow these simple steps.

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1. At first, open up Control Panel.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

2. Then click on Network & Internet and next Internet Options.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

3. Then you have to open Security tab.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

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4. Then click on Restricted Sites icon and after that Sites.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

5. Here you have to add this “https://apps.skype.com/” without the quotes into this text box and click on Add.

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6. Finally, close this window and apply the changes.

7. Restart Skype and you will see there are no ads.

I hope this trick will help to disable Skype Ads. If you have any doubt then comment bellow.

(99+) High PR Dofollow Free Press Release Submission Sites List 2018

Today I’m going to give you the Best Free High PR Press Release Submission Sites List. As you know that Press Release sites are most popular Dofollow backlink site for off-page SEO of your blog. After the latest update of Google Panda and Penguin. But it is not true, still it works in the field of SEO. If you submit the free press release on high PR and good authority sites then you can’t believe that how much targeted traffic you may get to your blog. But it is only possible if you submit a press release in High PR site and also in a proper way. Proper way means you have to submit a press release in a proper category according to your niche with proper way.

High PR Dofollow Free Press Release Submission Sites List

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Benefit of Free Press Release Submission Sites

  • It can give you High PR Dofollow backlink.
  • To get targeted traffic to your blog, it helps you a lot.
  • By submitting high PR Press Release sites, your blog PA & DA will be increased.

Tips To Measure the Quality of Free Press Release Submission Websites

Before submit the press release in a website, you have to check the actual quality of this site. If you see that the site has good quality then go for it. Here are some tips to check the quality of a press release site.

Google Page Rank: Google PR is the best method to determine the page’s relevance. Search engine always prefer high PR sites in their 1st page of search result.

MOZ Tool: Page Authority is provided by MOZ. Basically, Moz’s tool can calculate the metrics of the website, like Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA). Higher DA and PA means high authority site.

Alexa: It is based on website traffic recorded from users. Low Alexa rank means high-quality site.

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Here The Complete List Of Free High PR Press Release Sites 2015. All you have to do just, submit press release in some of these high PR sites. Before submitting any press release in a website, you must read to their terms and conditions. Always try to submit good quality as well as 100% unique press release.

Here The Complete List Of Free High PR Press Release Sites 2018

[table id=2 /]

Best Social Bookmarking Sites List to Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks

Social bookmarking sites are used to share interesting content by users within the site community.You can get high-quality backlinks by submitting your site on various types of social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are one type of off page SEO technique to get high- quality backlink for your website.

If you regularly bookmark your blog content on dofollow social bookmarking site then your site easily get good rank on search engine as well as unique visitors.

To get best results on off page SEO, you have to submit your site on dofollow social bookmarking sites. The social bookmarking sites are free to use. All you have to do, just register on these social bookmarking sites and then you will able to submit your website links.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

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How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites:

  1. Before submitting your site, you have to create a page with including your Picture and company URL.
  2. Don’t create more than one account in same website.
  3. Use social bookmarking toolbar or extensions to promote your URL easily.

Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking Sites:

  1. Easy to get free and targeted traffic to your blog.
  2. You can get high PR dofollow backlinks.
  3. For increasing page rank, you have to submit your site on these Social bookmarking sites.

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(33+) Best Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

[table id=3 /]

Top 12 Free Cloud Storage Services 2016

The Cloud Storage offers a series of countless benefits in terms of safety, comfort and ease to use. Cloud Storage is one type of model that allow you to store your personal data in the web. People and many organizations buy storage capacity to store their documents from the Cloud storage provider. There is now many cloud storage services are available to store the data on the “Cloud”.

Many great sites are available which provide free cloud storage service by creating a free account. These sites also have few limitations. However, if you pay some money then you can get a lot of space on the cloud to store your documents. But, I think a free account is enough to store data on the web.Top 12 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

I have tried to do a list of the most common and top 15 Cloud storage services 2015 that can allow you to store data free of cost. Your data will be safe with the cloud storage providers and you don’t need to worry about crashed or stolen documents from there.

Top 12 Free Cloud Storage Services

1. Google Drive (15 GB)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

The service does not need any introduction and as you already know, Google provides each user 15 GB of free storage, shared with Gmail and other Google services. Google Drive allows you to take advantage of many additional features and excellent integration with other external services such as IFTTT and Zapier.

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2. Box (10 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

Box.com offers 10 GB of free cloud storage and also plans to pay for the high demands. The free plan allows you to upload large files up to 250Mb. It’s also available a software to keep in sync a folder on your computer with space in the cloud on Box.com.

3. Dropbox (2 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015Dropbox is one of the most popular solutions for backup and file synchronization but also one of the least affordable. It offers only 2 GB of free space and the floor 100 Gb costs $ 9.99 per month, compared to $ 1.99 as Google Drive. You can also get up to 16 GB of additional free storage by referring Dropbox to your friends. It allows, like Google Drive and Box.com and two steps authentication to increase security.

4. SpiderOak (2 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

A very good focused on privacy and security since all data uploaded to SpiderOak is encrypted and only the user can access them. It offers 2 GB of free space and also available paid plans. Even in this case, it has an app for desktop and mobile. Recently even Edward Snowden praised the safety of SpiderOak.

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5. ADrive (50 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

It offers 50 GB of free cloud storage with a personal account. If you use this free plan then you miss out of the best features of ADrive that is up to 16 GB file uploads and you also bear with ads on Android and iOS apps.

6. MEGA (50 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

The service created by Kim Dotcom, was launched on 19 January 2013. The service offers 50 Gb free and focusing on the privacy of users and their documents. In fact, all the data are encrypted at the very first of uploading. This means that the data loaded on the device is encrypted before being sent to the server of Mega and downloaded data is decrypted only after they have been downloaded to your computer. The encryption system offered by Mega.

7. Bitcasa (5 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

Bitcasa offers 5 GB of free cloud storage of up to 20 GB through referrals (by doing enroll their friends to the service). It offers a service of end-to-end encryption for data security and synchronization between desktop and mobile. BitCasa frees up space on your hard drive, avoiding duplicate files both locally and on the cloud.

8. MediaFire (10 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

MediaFire gives you 10 Gb free cloud storage and also have a plan of 1 Tb just $ 2.49 per month. It is suitable for file storage. It has all the features offered by other services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

9. Copy (15 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

It offers 15 GB of free cloud storage for every user. You can also get 5 GB free space for every friend you refer. It also has paid plans that starting at $4.99 per month.

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10. Cubby (5 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

Only it offers 5 GB of space and plans for a fee of up to Enterprise level from $ 39.99 per month. The free version offers only basic services.

11. HiDrive (5 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

It offers 5 GB of free cloud storage accessible via WebDAV. HiDrive allows the use of other protocols (SMB, FTP, Rsync, SCP) to access data. The data retained are subject to backup and transmissions are encrypted. The data server used by HiDrive are located in Germany.

12. OneDrive (15 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

Excellent functionality and integration with Outlook, Office and Xbox for the cloud storage service from Microsoft, formerly known as SkyDrive (previously named). OneDrive is one of the best free cloud storage service. Microsoft has increased the maximum size per file from 2 to 15 GB. You can get an additional 5 GB by referring your friends and 3 GB more by enabling photo backup.

12. Amazon Cloud Drive (5 Gb)

Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Services 2015

The service offered by Amazon offers 5GB of free storage. Offers app for Mac and Windows and the app allows you to automatically upload photos taken with your mobile device directly on the Amazon cloud. Among the services reported in this article, it is definitely among the best in functionality and ease of use.

Note: You can use CloudFogger to encrypt data on Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. It is a service that allows you to encrypt the data that you upload to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, so that only you can see your documents. The software is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

My Computer is Running Very Slow|How Do I Speed up My Computer

Is your computer running very slow and want to know the actual way to speed up your PC? Then here is your solution. I want to share my practical experience in this article. When my PC was running very slow then I have searched on the internet, “How to speed up my computer”, “Best tips for speeding up windows”. Now I have solved this problem in my PC. As you know there are a lot of tools that claim to help in your operating system but I only share some quick tips which fix lies within your operating system. You must check out these tips and speed up your computer as well as boost it performance.how to speed up a computer

Step by Step Guide to Speed up Your Computer

1. Clean up Unnecessary Programs

speed up my computer

It is easy to us to install a program on PC by clicking some buttons on installation window. You should know that every tiny program which added to that list can play in hanging or slowing down your window. So, you must notice at the installation wizard ignore for the unnecessary program. If it installed by any mistake then go to ‘Control Panel’ and uninstall that. You may also use CCleaner software to clean up your pc automatically on a schedule.

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2. Do A Disk Clean up

Disk Clean up is a simple task. I will suggest you to do this at least once a week. By doing this, it can free up space on your hard drive and improve performance. The disk clean up utility can be found in this way. Press “Windows+R” and then type “cleanmgr” and click ok.

speed up my computer

Here you have to select the drive that you want to clean up.

speed up my computer

3. Defragment Your PC

By doing this defragment, you can manage your space.  It also help to keep your data into sequence order and as a result it will be easy to your operating system to run quickly. Finally, your computer performance will boost.

Click on Start-> Accessories-> System tool->Defragment

speed up my computer

4. Turn of Start-up Program

After installing a new program on your computer, it will add a very small programs which run after the windows start. In this way, your computer boot up process would become slow. If you don’t want to start this program along with your windows starts, just disable it.

Click Start->Run and then type “msconfig”. A system configuration window will open. You will get enable or disable option at “Start-up”.

speed up my computer

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5. Disable Windows Indexing Service

When we search any files and folders then search indexing service record this information and stored this in an index file for getting result quickly in further. If you disable the indexing service then your computer speed might be increase.

Click “Windows + R” and type “services.msc”.

speed up my computer
A service window will open and scroll down until you find the “Windows Search Service”.

speed up my computer

Right click on and select Properties.

speed up my computer

Then select disable from Startup type and click ok.

speed up my computer

6. Reduce delay of Start Menu Display

In this area, you can decide that how much time will take to open start menu. If you want to open faster of start menu, you can do from Registry editor.

Start-> search for “regedit.msc” and enter->HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Desktop.

speed up my computer

Find out ‘Menu Show Delay’ option. Right-click on it and select ‘modify’ to change the value data. This actually indicates how many milliseconds it will take to open Start menu. You should enter your value between 0 to 4000. We don’t recommend you to use 0 as a value.

speed up my computer

Then Restart your computer to apply the change.

Note: I have listed these tips to speed up your computer. You can delete your temporary file by typing %temp% on Run and delete those files. I hope this will help you to boost your PC speed.

Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

The lock screen is the first step of interacting with your mobile device. The lock screen performs multiple functions that relating to safety. It is not intended only as a protection of personal data from other users of the device but also protect against accidental awakening of the device. The lock screen is a default lock system of all android phone. But there are so many third party android apps that provide everything such as lock screen function. But selecting the best Lock Screen Android App, takes some time.

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

The purpose of this guide is to highlight the best lock screen app, according to the best security of the android phone. Here I have listed some of the best lock screens apps for your android phone.

Check out these Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

Hi Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

It is one of the Best Lock Screen App for customizing your android lock screen. In addition, the developer is very attentive to the problems encountered by users and is always working to bring updates. These aspects are appreciated as always. Let’s see what is Hi Locker.

1. The application allows you to set a pin or a security pattern. The latter can be designed in such a way that appear “invisible” when scrolling lines. It should be also mentioned the “Intelligent Release”, which allows you to bypass the password when the phone detects a WiFi network, reputed as safe.
2. Functional customization is “What’s Next”, a callable page with a swipe from right to left, which shows the events, calendar appointments up to a maximum of 15 days. Lock screen style can be “classic”, “IOS” or “Lollipop”. Last mention for “Wallpaper Effect”. You can customize lock screen wallpaper background.

ZUI Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

ZUI Locker is definitely an elegant lock screen and Best Lock Screen Android App for your android device. Let’s see what is these features:

1. It is one of the best material design lockers.
2. Beautiful and HD graphics and easy to use.
3. Good chance to get HD wallpaper with auto update.
4. Has a Different style of theme and layout that can make your screen marvelous.
5. Easy to turn on the gravity sensor function.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

If you want to get fastest and beautiful notification then Echo Notification Locker is the perfect app for your android device. Here are some latest features:

1. Echo allows for choosing a custom security patterns to secure your device.
2. You can control your music player without unlocking your device.
3. A most powerful feature of this app is instant notification system. If you get any new notification from social media or something like that, you will get an instant alert.
4. This app has an awesome design that does not affect your battery.

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

SnapLock is an amazing and cool app screen locker app for your android phone. It is also a clean, simple and beautiful app. You can say that it is also Best Lock Android Screen App. Let’s see all features:

1. Notification will be displayed immediately on your home screen.
2. A side panel is given for getting individual’s information, Like Weather forecast, app shortcuts and also a schedule of calendar events.
3. iPhone style keypad. You can lock your device by using either PIN code or an Android-style pattern lock.

Locker Master: The best for social networking

Free lock screen apps

The Locker Master offers a unique theme for your lock screen android app for 2016. Here are some features:

1. Shortcuts can be configured right and left of the screen, weather animations can be integrated and rapid settings can be accessed directly from the lock screen.
2. The advanced settings allow the use of other features that would only be possible with the help of a launcher.
3. Focus is on the integration of the music player widget. Notifications from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook can also be displayed directly on the lock screen.

Note: As you can see on Google Play store, there are a lot of screen locker app. But I have listed only best Screen Lock Android App out of them. Because I have used these apps and there are really good. If you think I have missed something, then please comment bellow.