[Fantastic] Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher March-2018

Hello, Today I’m going to tell you Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher March-2018. First, we have to know what is the actual function of a Launcher. The answer is that with the help of this Launcher, you can change the look of your smartphone without changing the system file. Basically, all those Launcher is like apples and these are developed by the external developer. By the help of these Launchers, you’ll able to change dock style, color, icon size, animations and ever much more. Although there are a lot of android Launcher available in Google Play Store, in this tutorial I’ll give you a list of Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher – 2018 with details.

Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher -2015

Google Now: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

The Google Now is the greatest Google android free Launcher, which is designed and compiled by Google Inc. Suppose you’re operating KitKat or even Jelly Bean and use the Google Now launcher on your device, you’ll observe a lot of lively animations that work similarly to how they execute on Lollipop devices.

Google Now

There are plenty interactive popular features of this therefore known as a launcher. It really does build on Google Now integration, voice commands, and finally the simple way to access the Google products. It is Available on all devices with Android 4.1 version or later.

Key features:

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  • Simply call “Ok Google” – when you’re on your home screen, just say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input.
  • Quick search – tap into your search box and you can enter your query immediately.
  • You can easily access to your Gmail, YouTube account.


GO Launcher EX: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

The GO Lancer EX is the Absolutely NO.1 launcher in Google Play store with more than 200 million users.This is the greatest launcher and that’s why I suggest to advanced users. GO launcher offers a lot of functions And contains incredible user interference.

Go Launcher

Go Launcher offers a lot of amazing styles theme. I know you will be within confusion to select your own style!. In this free version launcher, you’ll able to customize your theme options and that is better than other launchers. There are a lot of essential widgets that helps you to give a new look of your device.

Key features:

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  • XX Transition Effect available and also Magic Effect every slide.
  • Completely personalized grid.
  • Icons are Flat set.


Apex Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

If you want to customize your android device homescreen then Apex Launcher might help you. This fantastic launcher has a lot of great features.

Apex Launcher

Key features:

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  • Easy to customize homescreen grid size & more than 8 homescreens.
  • You will able to use Scrollable dock with up to 7 symbols for each page.
  • Elegant transitions effects.
  • Unlimited & flexible scrolling.
  • Appreciate homescreen gestures.


Nova Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

This really is an excellent as well as stylish launcher regarding a lot of the android tablets and phones. You can easily change your home screen by Nova Launcher. Change icon styles, colors, designs, animated graphics and much more. Not just its overall performance powered as well as very easy to customize, it is simple among the best user-friendly launching application.

Nova Launcher

Buzz Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

Buzz Launcher is also a great launcher. By using this launcher, you can able to design as well as customize your home screen. This is impossible for me that I can’t describe how beautiful and stylish this launcher is! I can suggest you strongly to go for this launcher.

Buzz Launcher

The main reason to use this launcher is that if you don’t like default home screen, you can design by yourself or you may download the home screen from the web. By using Buzz Launcher, it is possible to make use either icon-based user interface or even tiled based user interface.

How to Transfer Money Through Facebook Messenger

At this time Facebook chat is not just a conversation for talk, now you can send or receive money through Facebook to your friends at any time. The largest social networking website Facebook has introduced in order to expose a brand new function Free Friend-To-Friend Payments within the Facebook messenger by which all the users can deliver or even get money with their friends. Now, the company has technically declared this kind of service.

Free Friend-To-Friend Payments Through Facebook Messenger

The organization states that the gateway will be more handy as well as a secure way for the transaction of money. Therefore, today it introduced a fresh repayments for Facebook Messenger which allows you to link your own Visa or Mastercard debit card and also touch any “$” option to send out close friends money on iOS, Android OS, and also PC with no charges. Facebook Messenger payments will be roll out properly within a few months in United State first and then additional countries.

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Instead of slim on a payments company just like PayPal to strength the particular feature, Facebook created it from the ground upward coming from its experience processing above 1 million payments per day by means of its advertisements as well as video game systems.

How to Transfer Money Through Facebook Messenger

In order to deliver cash to your friends, you have to start the conversation with your friend. Once you get the feature, you will see a “$” button within the Messenger composer and  the next another option will open to send a photo or sticker. Once you tap it, Facebook must ask you to fill your debit credit details.

Free Friend-To-Friend Payments Through Facebook Messenger

People won’t need to fiddle along with obtaining and getting into banking account as well as routing info, which makes it simpler compared to a few alternatives, however they can only use Visa and Mastercard debit cards. Facebook takes a decision against permitting cards simply because they might entail fees and it didn’t need people to get charged if they didn’t understand.

After tapping in “$” button, you enter the dollar amount and after that click on pay. The amount of money will immediately taken from your debit card account as well as sent to the actual recipient’s debit accounts. However, it might take one to three business days as well.

If you want to receive money through it, then you have to open conversation, next add cart in the message and finally add cart to accept money.

Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

Hello friend, this is a secret news for you. If you want to increase your IDM download speed, then you have reached the perfect place. If your question is, “Which is The Best Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed?” then you’ve arrived at an ideal place to get answers. Actually IDM is the best download manager compared to others like DAP, Orbit and many others. It is really a famous software and it is used by a lot of users globally because of its simple and powerful features.

It has the ability to increase the speed of download compared to any other download manager. If you want to increase the download speed, then you have to use a secret application, called IDM Optimizer.

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This optimizer has a great function by which you can boost your IDM speed easily by simply enhancing some registry records like it allows to change the net speed, Connection type, and some other items.This might help you to increase your IDM downloading speed.

Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

When you will go to fire up the IDM optimizer software then you’ll see a window, shown in the above area. Now you have to click on Maximize Now button.Once you click on it, A popup will open to restart IDM setting making sure that it will take effect.

Tricks to Increase IDM Download Speed:

  • After downloading this application, unzip IDM Optimizer and then your app is ready to go.
  • When it works successfully,  then you might require to restart Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  • Restart your current IDM and after this you’ve completed with this particular IDM Optimizer technique to increase IDM download speed.

Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

  • Now you can check your download speed in IDM and I think it will be boosted  by 20-25%.
  • If you wish to recover your own default configurations than you have to click on Restore Default.

Note: If you see any kinds of error within IDM or even confronted IDM Crashing since follow these steps..

  • You have to open IDM Optimizer.
  • After that, Click on Restore Default option. By clicking this option,  your IDM setting will reset and again you should follow as it was before.

My Experience: I have personally used this Optimizer and I have got a great result without getting any types of error with IDM.Further, I have observed that it increases in downloading speed in IDM.After start multi-downloading, this application works best.Finally, I can say it boosts my downloading speed up to 20%.

[Uncovered] Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

Now WhatsApp Messenger is really a great messaging app with more than 600 million users, which permits you to exchange messages without any pay for SMS. Additionally, it is one of the most downloaded and also well-known app Whether it’s BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or Nokia smartphones. WhatsApp has already gone out, it’s highly expected Free voice calling features for Android smartphone in its brand new version 2.11.508 to ensure that users can call their own friends within their WhatsApp contacts  or even anyone without having departed WhatsApp. Many Android users were able to use the WhatsApp voice calling feature right after receiving a call from their friends who’re already using this service. In this tutorial, I will guide you to enable WhatsApp free voice calling feature.

Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

Apply This Method to Activate Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature On Android

Definitely that is not all people exactly who downloads and install this latest build up and start voice calling because of, this feature is still in beta testing mode. WhatsApp hasn’t legally introduced rollout, however along with the amount of devices, helping the actual function, users can expect declaration very soon. Many of us don’t know how to enable it? In this tutorial, I’ll help you to enable WhatsApp voice calling feature. All you have to do, just  follow this method.

Minimum Requirement for to Active Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

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  • Your Android OS version must be 2.1 or above.
  • An active internet connection.
  • Tablet devices are not supported.


After fulfill those criteria, You’ll able to enable this voice calling feature.First of all you have to update your app to its new version, otherwise You can download this latest version app from their official website.


The ultimate guide to enable WhatsApp free voice calling

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  • Once you download this app, click on the file to install this on your Android smartphone.
  • Now your Whatsapp has activated completely.


Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

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  • After complete this, You have to find any one of your WhatsaApp friend who are already using this particular feature and inform them to call you at WhatsApp.
  • After your friend calls, the WhatsApp voice calling feature will immediately include in the app home screen, permitting you the particular accessibility to evoke all your friends on your contact list to perform exactly the same.


Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

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  • That’s the idea anyone can utilize Whatsapp with the person who previously got Activated.


Please note, this particular feature is only available on android device. This voice calling feature isn’t readily available still within the iPhone, though WhatsApp’s latest iOS update recently had launched a calling option on the chat screen.This feature also not available for windows phone use.

There are a lot of application like Skype, Line, Viber, Hike which have a voice calling feature.

Improve Your Android Battery Life by Greenify Auto Hibernation App

If you want to improve your smartphone battery life then you must use Greenify auto hibernation app. Most of the time our android devices slow down day by day. The reason behind it, many low-quality apps still work in the background after closing them. Even if we use the task killer apps, some apps may be stopped, but after a few minutes they will restart again. If you do it continuously then the result will be same.

Please note: Never do it again and again.As a result, your device may be damaged.

You can solve this problem by using of Greenify app. Greenify is a very useful and amazing app among Android users. When the app was released, then it only supports rooted android devices. But now people can access this app from their non-rooted devices. It’s very important to note that Greenify app is not a task killer app and also it does not ‘freeze’ app.

Improve your android battery life by

Greenify will assist you to determine apps for your smartphone  which are misbehaving  as a result, it helps to improve your device performance, as well as battery life.

Check out Cool Features of Greenify app:

  • You can easily send apps into hibernation that might improve your battery life.
  • There is a chance to utilize your application whether this has been placed in hibernation.
  • It allows GCM (Google Cloud Message) push message in order to wake up hibernated applications.
  • Keep notifications right after hibernation. The Android OS platform will be patched to help keep notification coming from, getting removed while apps hibernate.

If you are a new user of Greenify then you can easily use this app by applying this method.  

Step 1: Start Greenify after installing it on your own Android smartphone. To hibernate any app, you have to click on + icon at the bottom. You can select apps one by one.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 2: Once you have chosen all of the applications, tap the tick icon on the bottom right. Just greenify those applications that you will not get any types of push notifications. Let’s take an example, when you end up greenifying Hangouts or Gmail, you will no longer be notified immediately associated with new email or even massage.   

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 3: After clicking on tick icon you will see a “ZZZ” icon at the bottom right. Then click on it. After that, a new page will open to “Enable Automation”.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 4: Next, Accessibility page will open to turn on the Greenify.


Step 5: Finally click on “OK” button and now all your selected app are gone into hibernation.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Conclusion: Finally, I can say that if you use any android device then you must needed Greenify app to boost your battery life as well as get back previously Android performance.New Greenify app also supports to non-rooted device. So, use it and free up much more memory of your phone.

[New ]PhotoMath App for Android-2015

Now you can solve your math problems with an android app by scanning your smart phone. By all apps readily available for iOS and android products on the App Store is definitely an opportunity you will discover something which may genuinely shock a person. Among the best samples of this is PhotoMath for your smartphone, a great app in which performs math calculations instantly by making use of your Phone’s camera.

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Once I initial enjoyed PhotoMath app ahead of the staff got the particular period inside our Battlefield competition at Disrupt London, My partner and I have been pleased simply by the layout and also total user experience.PhotoMath App

Solving any math equation using a personal computer will be practically nothing great. Everyone knows that Wolfram Alpha is definitely a best effective engine for computing answers as well as providing knowledge – it is doing which for a long time. But the problem is inputting a good formula within Wolfram Alpha’s application is really a painful procedure. Along with PhotoMath, you’ll be able to point and shoot easily.

The Right Way to Solve Difficult Problems in PhotoMath

PhotoMath App

PhotoMath is really a great small application. All you have to point your phone camera at a mathematics formula and instantly it provides you with the solution as well as demonstrate all of the actions to resolve this specific formula. By following its massive success in the application store, the app has already launched on Android.

What Functions Can PhotoMath Execute?

A question might come, which are the functions that PhotoMath is able to do and will it able to calculate accurate answer for those question?

The answer is, At this time PhotoMath application can solve few mathematical problems such as ‘Arithmetic  expressions’, ‘Fractions as well as decimals’, ‘Powers and roots’, ‘Simple linear equations’, several functions like ‘logarithms’ .

If you want to solve these types of math then you have to use this PhotoMath application by installing it in your smartphone. With the help of your smartphone camera and focusing on that particular problem you’ll able to solve it immediately.

How to use PhotoMath?

As I mentioned above, PhotoMath can easily scan and solve math functions in real time. For this, it utilizes several superior OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithms to understand numbers and symbols on the spot.

When working with PhotoMath, you’ll see a red-colored frame situated from the middle of the actual display. It is possible to drag any of the edges of the frame to make this match the actual formula you need to check out. The app gives greater plus much more exact benefits if you undertake consequently.

When the application identifies the actual formula, it quickly shows the result beneath the actual red-colored frame. If you wish to understand how PhotoMath will get it’s solutions, the application additionally supplies a really comprehensive description associated with exactly how this will get every result. It is possible to access this particular portion of the application through tapping upon the steps >>button when a result is displayed.