Benefits of Having A Free Android/iOS Kids Apps Called YouTube Kids

We all know that YouTube is a most Fantastic spot on the Internet. In every day, there are a lot of content uploaded to YouTube and all these video contents are enough to learn a new thing and anyone can say that YouTube is a place for entertainment. That say YouTube is actually not even close to becoming child-friendly that’s why many kids were missing something from YouTube. Especially for children Google has launched the great YouTube app which is called YouTube Kids and this app is now available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

The organization states it’s already been dealing with families within the last 12 months to brew a much more family-friendly edition associated with The brand new app ‘YouTube Kids’ is made to end up being less complicated with regard to kids having a better, as well as larger user interface.

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOS
The YouTube Kids app launches these days in the US with regard to Google android as well iOS devices, and also the organization expects in order to move this away somewhere else later on. The YouTube Kids application is going to be free of charge as well as financed through advertising and marketing, even though YouTube states that it will likely be very carefully testing advertisements to make sure they’re right for kids. See all the benefits of having a Free android/iOS YouTube Kids for your kids.

Parents will not need to concern yourself with just what their little children fall throughout. All the content material is actually kids suitable. Most of us weren’t capable of gain access to greater “colorful” portions of YouTube since the application is actually self-contained using what seems to be Google-curated content material.

The Description of YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOSThere are interesting four categories in YouTube Kids groups videos and these are – Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. In the Shows section, focuses on that videos which are related to familiar children’s TV brands. Music section includes video from Nursery-Rhyme Channels and Learning captures educational videos.

Made For Youngsters

The company states that they have taken out the actual complex things as well as created a good application even children can easily find their way — which means large control keys, simple scrolling, as well as immediate full-screen.

All Video clips Kids will Love

Children can easily take pleasure in most favorite just like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, as well as DreamWorks, on the internet strikes such as Goose Club,TuTiTu, and Super Simple Songs, plus Easy Tunes, in addition other things they’re into — songs, video gaming, technology, projects, and much more.

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOSExactly who YouTube Kids is designed for: Children that will be ready to touch and also swipe their most popular shows, as well as a variety of brand new content material produced simply for all of them.

Who YouTube Kids is not with regard to: Young persons will not enjoy this app particularly that much. Even so, the item carries a beautiful selection connected with popular cartoons from your ’80s and also ’90s.

Note: There’s also capabilities to set locks on concerning several programs should your child obsess, along with established moment restrictions to stop youngsters coming from serial-watching their favorite collection.

Secret News For oDesk Freelancer- 2015

I want to share the Secret News For oDesk Freelancer. We all know that oDesk is a great marketplace for freelancers. Recently oDesk going to update their feature. So, I want to discuss those oDesk updates which will start after few days. It is true that after update oDesk, many of new freelancer have to face some troubles.

oDesk has decided that they will update their Job Application Quota. Now all freelancer are getting 20-25 job application but after some day it will change as Connection System. It means you will get 60 connects. People who are working with Elance market place, they will easily understand this.

Odesk will give you only 60 Connect, if want more then you have to buy their membership plan.

What is Connect?

Who were working in oDesk they are familiar to Job Quota. But now, Job Quota is changed to Connect System. You can take this Connect System as your Job Quota.

In this process, each freelancer will get 60 Connect. When you will apply for a job you have to use these Connect. You should use 1-5 Connect for different jobs.

According to experts, why it would be better…

  1. Additional quantities job apply will be stop.
  2. Many of freelancer withdraw their job application and again apply for a new job. This system will be totally closed.
  3. Many people apply for new job although they unable to do this job. Day by day it will be decreased.
  4. Many expert and professional freelancer will get more and more job with easy way through this Connect.
  5. Finally a huge amount of job application on a particular job will be decrease and Client will never confuse, it means Client will be able to understand which freelancer is the perfect for his job.

Problems may create for a new user

Many of us think that make money as a freelancer is so easy, but this is not true. It is quite difficult. Because of many freelancer are already working on those field. So you have to wait for your experience. When you’ll get your practical knowledge then you can easily get job.

Keep in mind that a man can do everything. As a new freelancer, it will be difficult to get job. So, you have to wait for sometimes and definitely one day you can achieve your goal.

Membership process

Next step of Connect process is Membership process. If you want more than 60 Connect then you have to buy membership plan. After get membership plan you will able to get more than 60 Connect.

Note: Before Bid a job, you have to read job details carefully, because if you have any confuse to do this job then you will never get that job and finally it will be loss for you.

The Secret and Powerful Features of WordPress

Most probably you have been using WordPress CMS (Control Management System) for a long time. Because of WordPress is so easy to install and easy to use. But it has some powerful secret feature compare to other CMS. We must know what are the unknown feature of WordPress. Today I’ll discuss some extraordinary features that you can easily get an extra advantage of using WordPress blog.Here am going to discuss secret and powerful features of WordPress.

Here are Top 4 Powerful Features of WordPress

 1. Add Featured Image

‘Featured Images’ is a most expensive option of WordPress which have been included from the WordPress version 2.9 onwards. The Featured Image is also known as post thumbnail which allow you to enhance the visual presence of your website by utilizing a representative photograph or image for posts, pages, or custom post forms. All varieties cropping and resizing of pictures are achieved automatically. By using this excellent secrets and effective features you can save a lot of time.

2. New Feature of Scheduled posts

One thing we all know that bloggers have a bad habit and that is, sometimes they take a long break from writing an article because of busy on another field. In most of the case, they do not find enough time to write an article regularly. But you have to post something on a regular basis to keep your site active. If someone facing this problem, that Scheduled posts feature of WordPress can help you a lot.

Many bloggers ignore this feature of WordPress. But you have to use this feature for better response to visitors. To avoid uncertainties and missed schedules on blog posting, it is better to make use of this option which permits you to schedule a post for publishing it later. This can be done by determining the time and date of publishing.

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3. Configuring Secret Keys

WordPress 2.6 includes most powerful keys, these are AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, and LOGGED_IN_KEY. Do you know what the actual function of these keys is? The answer is simple, these keys make your login session more secure to protects your login sessions from hackers and malicious/virus users.

You have to configure it via config.php file otherwise there is no another way.

Now you have to do these step by step. Go to your Cpanel and then find wp-config.php, you should see the following three lines:

define('AUTH_KEY', 'put your unique phrase here'); // Change this to a unique phrase.
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'put your unique phrase here'); // Change this to a unique phrase.
define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'put your unique phrase here'); // Change this to a unique phrase.

You have to change something in this area. To do this, go to

Here you’ll see the same three lines of code with a random wired string in the place of ‘put your unique phrase here’.

All you need to do, just Copy those three lines from the website and replace the same three lines of code on the wp-config.php

After this, Save and upload the wp-config.php to your server.

4. Next Page Tag

Sometimes your article may be very lengthy and it will be uncomfortable for your reader to read. If you split this article into several short posts then it will good for your reader. To do it, simply add a


The following screenshot shows how to use this tag:

 I hope this tutorial will help you. If you have any question then comment bellow. I’ll response ASAP. Thank you.

How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Today am going to discuss how you can change your WordPress domain name back to your initial domain name you had. Now let’s go to the main section of this topic. As an example, think that your initial domain name was http// and now you changed it to http// After changing this, you might get an error. Now am going to explain to you about the error when you do this and how you can easily fixed it. As a result of this change, you will also not able to log back to your original website.

This basically an error when we do this because this domain name is not registered to you. If you change this domain name without register then the error might occur.How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name

To fix this problem, you have to go to your C-panel of your hosting account. Here you have to find ‘Files’ section and then go to ‘File Manager’.

A pop-up box will be open. Here you can see your initial domain name .Then must select this domain and click on ‘Ok’.

After open a new page, you have to select ‘Public_html’ and then find a folder called ‘wp-config.php’.

In this area, you need to locate [define|’DB_NAME’].

Here you see a serial number like 1,2,3 or something like that. It indicates that how many website you have. Reason for coming here is to make sure you have selected your website number which has the problem.

Ok, fine…Now come back to your C-panel ‘Database’ section.

Then select ‘PhpMyAdmin’ and clock on it. Once you click, it will bring a database. On the left side of the database, you will see your website number. Now your website which have that problem.

Then click on it and find ‘wp-options’.

Once you click here, you’ll see the main database on the screen. Here you can see your domain name. Next, click on the yellow pencil icon to edit.

After open a box, you’ll able to edit your domain name.

After edit domain name, make sure you have entered initial domain name that you had before you changed it. Then save it and go back to the previous page.

Now you have to look for the option name ‘home’. Then click on the pencil icon and edit your domain again. Finally, click save and go back.

Now you can able to login to your Dashboard.

High PR and Free Web Directory Submission Sites List 2018

Are you looking for free web directory submission sites list or high PR web directory sites? Then you have reached the perfect place for your query. I have given most powerful and effective free web directories sites in this article. As we know that high PR web directory submission is a part of off page SEO, so most of us always search for ‘free website submission list’.

What is Web Directory?

A Web Directory is a directory that refers to the process of adding your website. The web directory is not a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Basically, web directory submission or website submission is a process includes submitting your websites URL and it listed in web directory sites by category and subcategory.Directory submission list

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There are two types of Directory submission, like Paid website submission and Free website submission. But here I have given best and high PR free Web directory sites. Check out Free Web Directory Submission sites list-2015. If you need backlinks for your site then you have to submit your site on these web directories. By doing this, your site’s Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) will be increased. So, let’s start for website submission.

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Free Web Directory Submission Sites List 2018

[table id=4 /]

Conclusion: As the very first I have told that these sites are free for submitting your website in those high PR web directory sites. There also have paid  submission and if you pay some dollar then your site will be immediately listed and for free submission, it takes max. 3 months to listed. I hope these high PR web directory site gives you a quality backlinks

[Solved] “Our System Has Detected Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network”

Today I want to discuss a problem with Google search engine. At the morning, when I was searching on Google then suddenly it showed a captcha entry box showing “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”. I think that it is my silly mistake of typing keyword but after filled the captcha it shown me again and again. Then I was totally confused. One question is coming from my mind that why this “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” warning message appeared on my PC screen!!”

Our System Has Detected Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network

I thought it was my browser problem but after changing my browser again it shown me “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”. After that, I asked myself that have I breaking any Terms and Conditions of Google? But after checked all thing, finally I solved it forever.

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Here I will show you some problems that I have solved.

What is the main reason of “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” in Google?

Here you will get the solution to this question “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” and the answer is so simple. Now am going to say you what is the main reason behind this error. You are getting this types of error because of you are sending searches from a robot, computer program or any types of automated services. Keep in mind that sending automated search in Google is breaking their Terms and Conditions, for this reason, Google block your IP address for sometimes and it may be 2-4 hours.

Don’t worry you can continue the search in Google by typing the captcha code. When you will stop sending the automatic traffic to Google then your problem will be solved immediately.

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Malware or Virus on Your PC Easily Creates unusual traffic

The problem can happen due to Malware or Virus on your PC. If your system has no antivirus then viruses can do this type of error. Actually, there are several types of virus that can easily attack you PC through internet or pen drive. As a result, these viruses may create automated internet unusual traffic or some keyword queries to Google search engine. So, you should one good antivirus and never forget to update in time to time.

Using Extension that Sends Searches to Google

Google Chrome and Mozilla browsers have many types of Extension. These extensions may create this type of problem. Extensions are able to give a lot of search result within few second.

Ok, am giving you a good example of this types of extension. Have you ever heard the extension called SEO QUAKE? Yes, this extension is so popular for SEO. When we search a word in Google than a lot of websites will show on Google page and this extension can easily detect those website’s Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and more. As a result, Google immediately detects unusual traffic from your system and ask you to fill the captcha.

If you get help from this article then please share with your friend.

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(Beginner) Step by Step Guide to Earn Money from YouTube

This tutorial is actually what and for whom? In this article, I will show you how to start video marketing from basic to advance without experience in video editing. You do not have to steal someone video. Let’s get out from here, this tutorial is actually for whom? In my opinion, 8th class student or a 45 years old man can also start this video marketing.

So, now let’s start.

1. How can you get ideas to create video content?

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money with YouTube

This is most important thing to get the idea for video content. Truly, it’s not so much difficult as people think.

So today I’ll help you, how to get ideas for video content. I’m going to share with you two methods to get the idea. More than 90% internet marketers follow this method. Like Niche selection, market research, etc.

  • Go to Google trend and see what is most popular tropic today and then you have to create a video on that topic.
  • By searching on Google about Forum, Answer, and Hot topic. These sites can increase your idea.
  • In YouTube, you have to find out which videos view is so good and then you can create a video on that topic. You may also check out the same thing on Vimeo and Daily Motion.

Another method is that share your knowledge in which you are the generous or expert. I mean if you can sing, can catch good fish, can teach or if you are a web developer then makes some video that will automatically generate money.

There is a misconception that if you want to earn money from internet then you have to learn Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, email marketing, animation etc. But I don’t think so. If you have a knowledge in a particular section like Microsoft word, gaming tricks, Computer tips etc. then you can earn money from YouTube. Just believe yourself.

Tips: You can learn most of the internet tricks by watching some good video in YouTube. After you learned, you can create a video on that topic by yourself by giving more information.

2. How to create a video content to earn money from YouTube?

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money with YouTube

Usually, the video content can be made in two ways.

One, if you have a good quality video camera and a video editing software with some basic knowledge then you can easily do this. You can start with your smartphone camera.

Two, you can use screen capture software to create video tutorials by recording your computer screen.

I want to introduce a famous software for creating a most effective video, called VideoScribe. It is an amazing software to engage your audience. Anybody can use this software without having any knowledge of video editing. It is a very easy to edit everything.

Don’t worry, I will introduce to you some similar software which is free. These are Sony Vegas pro and Camtasia. You can download these softwares from their official website.

3. Create a YouTube channel

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money with YouTube

Now you have to create a video channel in video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and more. I’ll recommend to you, Give the priority of YouTube because, on YouTube, about 1 billion unique visitors comes in every month.

If you have a Gmail account then you can easily create a YouTube channel. I hope all of you have a Gmail account. First you have to log-in to your Gmail account on YouTube with the username and password and then click the creator studio. Then click the next page to create your YouTube channel and give the name of your favorite YouTube channel.

Now you are in your YouTube channel and give your cover and profile picture. In Profile section, you can use your company or organization’s logo.

It is a very important thing that you have to give a featured video on your YouTube channel and never forget to link your Facebook, Twitter and Website address.

4. How to do video Marketing?

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money with YouTube

After creating video content, the most important thing is marketing these videos. You have to promote your video day by day. To promote your video, you should create a Google+ page and Facebook page, Twitter account. Always remember that, in case of Facebook group, you should join on those pages which are related to your videos or your niche. Next, you have to active in those pages and group to get better result.

You can make your video channel, and share it in a blog or website. You have to find some Blog, Forum and Answer site which are related to your Video. Then comment and leave with an answer with your website or YouTube channel link. As a result, your videos view will be increased and video channel will be more popular day by day.

5. Sources of income and other payment methods

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money with YouTube

  • To earn a lot of money, you should monetize your video by Google AdSense.
  • You can earn as an affiliate marketer. There are a number of Affiliate Company like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Clicksure and more. All you have to do, just make a good video of your affiliate product and then promote your video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. When people buy that product through your affiliate link then you get a big commission.
  • You can promote your own product by creating a video.

Conclusion: At the very first if you unable to earn money from internet then never give up. Again I’m saying that believe yourself and keep it up.

Apply These Tricks to Get More Likes on Facebook

Hello, Today I’m going to share my personal experience and that is facebook like. First of all, you have to clear one thing that is I’ll never prefer auto like. There are many online tools that can give you a lot of like but that likes might be fake. Here I’m gonna show you how you can get real and unique like. So, let’s check out this step by step guide to Get More Likes on Facebook. All of us always want to get dozens of ‘likes’ on everything we post on Facebook, be it a timely status update or a snapshot of their dinner. How do they do it? Here have my best tips to increase the amount of like on your page. All you have to do just follow these tricks.

Top Tricks to Get More Likes on Facebook

Customize your URL

An arrogance URL is an awesome way to make your Facebook page memorable, handy to find and easy to advertise – but remember that once set, it are not able to be modified so select accurately.

Use eye-catching images

As we know that a picture can say a thousand words’ so think carefully about the images you use to represent your business.

For the cover photo, we suggest an attractive, impactful image (851 pixels x 315 pixels) that indicates off what’s distinct about your business – be it lovely locations, famous products, iconic branding, or perhaps the best way your service makes your buyers believe.

  • You have to give some price and purchase information in details that look so attractive, such as “50% off” “Download now for free” on “”.
  • Contact information such as a website address is important thing. Also, you have to give Email, Mailing address that anybody can go your “About us” section.

Use a ‘Like Box’ plugin

The ‘Like Box’ plugin is social networking plugin.You have to use this plugin in the left or right sidebar in your website, enabling visitors to Like your Facebook page without having to leave your site.It also displays the number of users who already like your page and your most recent posts.

Use your authentic voice

People are your Fans and friends because they like what you do.If you use you voice in Facebook that should be true for your Company or Brand.

Include a call to action

Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”. If you ask your Fans to Share, Like or Comment, they’re extra likely to do it.

Be tutorial

People love to share how-to guide, step- by step, hints and tips.People always want to learn step by step tutorial.Don’t forget to use these words.

Be Active

Comment on other pages where your target traffic is already having conversations.First you have to like the pages and then keep your eye on their posts.After being the active member of these pages, should comments.Make sure your comments add to the conversation and help you build relationships. Share and tag your business page from your personal Facebook account

Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is a smart way to promote yourself online as you can target specific demographic and interest groups. Facebook offers a”Page Like ad” that contains a call to action to “Like Page” and display ad in the right-hand column of the News Feed.