Why You Should Enable “2 step verification” for Your Gmail Accounts

Hello friend, today I’m going to share a very important and secret news related to your Gmail account. As you know that there are many spammers that can hack your Gmail account. Most of the cases, new blogger’s Google Adsense account are stolen because of low security. I want to tell you a real story of my life. I had created a Gmail account on April, 2014 and after creating this email, I had started my affiliate marketing and till six months, it was good. One day my internet connection was disconnected because of some problems and that’s why I had used a PC for my marketing in a cyber cafe. Till it was good. But after one day when I login to my Gmail account, I was totally shocked. All my emails are deleted from my inbox. After a few minutes, I was totally cleared that someone opens my Gmail account. That’s why I have decided that I should go for  ‘2 step verification’ for secure my account. Here is step by step  guide to enable ‘2-Step Verification’

Enable Google 2 Step Verification

How to enable Google “2 step verification” step by step:

Step 1: You have to open ‘Google 2 step verification’ site – Click here.

Step 2: Once you open this site, you will find an option called ‘Get Started’. Click on it.

how to enable 2 step verification

Step 3: Next, you should find an option called ‘2-step verification Start setup’. Click on this button.

how to enable 2 step verification

Step 4: After going to the next option, you have to enter your Gmail account password to sign into your account.

how to enable 2 step verification

Step 5: Once you have done your sign in  process, you will see these 4 steps to get started this feature.

Step 6: In the first option, you have to enter your real phone number and click send the code (either Text message (SMS) or Voice Call). Google will send a code to this number.

how to enable 2 step verification

Step 7: Input your 6 digit code and click next. Kindly checked the box “Trust this computer”. That means when you will go to sign into your gmail account, that account will automatically identify your PC and never want security code, but if you do this on another PC, then Google will ask a security code and that code will send through your active registered  phone number.


how to enable 2 step verification

Step 7: Then click ‘confirm’ to complete Turn on 2-step verification.

how to enable 2 step verification

Note: If you do not want this feature, then you can turn off this feature at any time.

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