Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

The lock screen is the first step of interacting with your mobile device. The lock screen performs multiple functions that relating to safety. It is not intended only as a protection of personal data from other users of the device but also protect against accidental awakening of the device. The lock screen is a default lock system of all android phone. But there are so many third party android apps that provide everything such as lock screen function. But selecting the best Lock Screen Android App, takes some time.

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

The purpose of this guide is to highlight the best lock screen app, according to the best security of the android phone. Here I have listed some of the best lock screens apps for your android phone.

Check out these Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

Hi Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

It is one of the Best Lock Screen App for customizing your android lock screen. In addition, the developer is very attentive to the problems encountered by users and is always working to bring updates. These aspects are appreciated as always. Let’s see what is Hi Locker.

1. The application allows you to set a pin or a security pattern. The latter can be designed in such a way that appear “invisible” when scrolling lines. It should be also mentioned the “Intelligent Release”, which allows you to bypass the password when the phone detects a WiFi network, reputed as safe.
2. Functional customization is “What’s Next”, a callable page with a swipe from right to left, which shows the events, calendar appointments up to a maximum of 15 days. Lock screen style can be “classic”, “IOS” or “Lollipop”. Last mention for “Wallpaper Effect”. You can customize lock screen wallpaper background.

ZUI Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

ZUI Locker is definitely an elegant lock screen and Best Lock Screen Android App for your android device. Let’s see what is these features:

1. It is one of the best material design lockers.
2. Beautiful and HD graphics and easy to use.
3. Good chance to get HD wallpaper with auto update.
4. Has a Different style of theme and layout that can make your screen marvelous.
5. Easy to turn on the gravity sensor function.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

If you want to get fastest and beautiful notification then Echo Notification Locker is the perfect app for your android device. Here are some latest features:

1. Echo allows for choosing a custom security patterns to secure your device.
2. You can control your music player without unlocking your device.
3. A most powerful feature of this app is instant notification system. If you get any new notification from social media or something like that, you will get an instant alert.
4. This app has an awesome design that does not affect your battery.

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

SnapLock is an amazing and cool app screen locker app for your android phone. It is also a clean, simple and beautiful app. You can say that it is also Best Lock Android Screen App. Let’s see all features:

1. Notification will be displayed immediately on your home screen.
2. A side panel is given for getting individual’s information, Like Weather forecast, app shortcuts and also a schedule of calendar events.
3. iPhone style keypad. You can lock your device by using either PIN code or an Android-style pattern lock.

Locker Master: The best for social networking

Free lock screen apps

The Locker Master offers a unique theme for your lock screen android app for 2016. Here are some features:

1. Shortcuts can be configured right and left of the screen, weather animations can be integrated and rapid settings can be accessed directly from the lock screen.
2. The advanced settings allow the use of other features that would only be possible with the help of a launcher.
3. Focus is on the integration of the music player widget. Notifications from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook can also be displayed directly on the lock screen.

Note: As you can see on Google Play store, there are a lot of screen locker app. But I have listed only best Screen Lock Android App out of them. Because I have used these apps and there are really good. If you think I have missed something, then please comment bellow.

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