Secret News For oDesk Freelancer- 2015

I want to share the Secret News For oDesk Freelancer. We all know that oDesk is a great marketplace for freelancers. Recently oDesk going to update their feature. So, I want to discuss those oDesk updates which will start after few days. It is true that after update oDesk, many of new freelancer have to face some troubles.

oDesk has decided that they will update their Job Application Quota. Now all freelancer are getting 20-25 job application but after some day it will change as Connection System. It means you will get 60 connects. People who are working with Elance market place, they will easily understand this.

Odesk will give you only 60 Connect, if want more then you have to buy their membership plan.

What is Connect?

Who were working in oDesk they are familiar to Job Quota. But now, Job Quota is changed to Connect System. You can take this Connect System as your Job Quota.

In this process, each freelancer will get 60 Connect. When you will apply for a job you have to use these Connect. You should use 1-5 Connect for different jobs.

According to experts, why it would be better…

  1. Additional quantities job apply will be stop.
  2. Many of freelancer withdraw their job application and again apply for a new job. This system will be totally closed.
  3. Many people apply for new job although they unable to do this job. Day by day it will be decreased.
  4. Many expert and professional freelancer will get more and more job with easy way through this Connect.
  5. Finally a huge amount of job application on a particular job will be decrease and Client will never confuse, it means Client will be able to understand which freelancer is the perfect for his job.

Problems may create for a new user

Many of us think that make money as a freelancer is so easy, but this is not true. It is quite difficult. Because of many freelancer are already working on those field. So you have to wait for your experience. When you’ll get your practical knowledge then you can easily get job.

Keep in mind that a man can do everything. As a new freelancer, it will be difficult to get job. So, you have to wait for sometimes and definitely one day you can achieve your goal.

Membership process

Next step of Connect process is Membership process. If you want more than 60 Connect then you have to buy membership plan. After get membership plan you will able to get more than 60 Connect.

Note: Before Bid a job, you have to read job details carefully, because if you have any confuse to do this job then you will never get that job and finally it will be loss for you.

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