[2016] One of the Best Secret Trick To Create A Free WiFi Hotspot From Windows 7/8/8.1

Today I am going to share with you about a software which easily turns your desktop or laptop to a WiFi hot spot. As there are lots of free software that can allow you to use WiFi, but many of this software do not work properly. That’s why I’ll share the perfect software that can easily handle as well as allow you to make a WiFi hotspot without any problem. Let’s see what you need to do on your laptop or desktop to become a hot spot?

How To Create A Free WiFi Hotspot

I have been using the total of three devices a desktop, a laptop and a smartphone. If I recharge internet pack on these devices one by one, then all my pocket money will be vanish. But there is a solution to overcome this problem and that will possible by using a secret software, called Connectify.me. This software has twice version, one is a Lite and another is Pro. I think, If want to use Hotspot then Lite version is better.

Please remember, you should have this hardware to make a WiFi hotspot:

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  • You must have one Desktop or Laptop with an internet connection.
  • If you use the desktop, then you have to install a PCI or USB dongle and for laptop users must have WiFi card.
  • Update driver of WiFi card.
  • Installed this ‘Connectify’ software.


Step by step create a free WiFi Hotspot by using  ‘Connectify’:

First of all you have to download this ‘Connectify’ software and then install it on your desktop or laptop.

For desktop user:

If you want to make your WiFi hotspot with a desktop, then you have to install the WiFi Card (including driver) on your desktop.

For laptop user:

1. If you want to make your WiFi hotspot with a laptop, then you have to enable your laptop WiFi card.

2. Once you enable this, then you must install ‘Connectify’ software.

3. After completing the installing process, you have to run this program (make sure you have restarted your laptop).

4. Once you open the software, you will see a user interface like below.

5. Here you have to give Hotspot Name and Password. Since I’m using the Lite version, so I do not get my own hotspot name as a result, the first term will be written as Connectify.

6. Give your password and that will be your network security.

7. At the ‘Advanced Settings’ option, here you will two parts. One is Share Over and another WiFi dongle.

Connectify supports three Sharing Mode and these are:

Wi-Fi Access Point, Encrypted (WEP2)

Wi-Fi Ad- Hoc, Open

Wi-Fi Ad- Hoc, Encrypted

Many smartphone supports Wi-Fi Access Point, Encrypted (WEP2). Please check, which option is allowed to your smartphone.

8.  Finally, you have to start your WiFi by clicking “Start Hotspot” button. See the software over the side of a green color of the symbols representing a WiFi hotspot.


I hope this information will help you to create a free WiFi hotspot. If you like this then please share on your friends.


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