My Computer is Running Very Slow|How Do I Speed up My Computer

Is your computer running very slow and want to know the actual way to speed up your PC? Then here is your solution. I want to share my practical experience in this article. When my PC was running very slow then I have searched on the internet, “How to speed up my computer”, “Best tips for speeding up windows”. Now I have solved this problem in my PC. As you know there are a lot of tools that claim to help in your operating system but I only share some quick tips which fix lies within your operating system. You must check out these tips and speed up your computer as well as boost it to speed up a computer

Step by Step Guide to Speed up Your Computer

1. Clean up Unnecessary Programs

speed up my computer

It is easy to us to install a program on PC by clicking some buttons on installation window. You should know that every tiny program which added to that list can play in hanging or slowing down your window. So, you must notice at the installation wizard ignore for the unnecessary program. If it installed by any mistake then go to ‘Control Panel’ and uninstall that. You may also use CCleaner software to clean up your pc automatically on a schedule.

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2. Do A Disk Clean up

Disk Clean up is a simple task. I will suggest you to do this at least once a week. By doing this, it can free up space on your hard drive and improve performance. The disk clean up utility can be found in this way. Press “Windows+R” and then type “cleanmgr” and click ok.

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Here you have to select the drive that you want to clean up.

speed up my computer

3. Defragment Your PC

By doing this defragment, you can manage your space.  It also help to keep your data into sequence order and as a result it will be easy to your operating system to run quickly. Finally, your computer performance will boost.

Click on Start-> Accessories-> System tool->Defragment

speed up my computer

4. Turn of Start-up Program

After installing a new program on your computer, it will add a very small programs which run after the windows start. In this way, your computer boot up process would become slow. If you don’t want to start this program along with your windows starts, just disable it.

Click Start->Run and then type “msconfig”. A system configuration window will open. You will get enable or disable option at “Start-up”.

speed up my computer

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5. Disable Windows Indexing Service

When we search any files and folders then search indexing service record this information and stored this in an index file for getting result quickly in further. If you disable the indexing service then your computer speed might be increase.

Click “Windows + R” and type “services.msc”.

speed up my computer
A service window will open and scroll down until you find the “Windows Search Service”.

speed up my computer

Right click on and select Properties.

speed up my computer

Then select disable from Startup type and click ok.

speed up my computer

6. Reduce delay of Start Menu Display

In this area, you can decide that how much time will take to open start menu. If you want to open faster of start menu, you can do from Registry editor.

Start-> search for “regedit.msc” and enter->HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Desktop.

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Find out ‘Menu Show Delay’ option. Right-click on it and select ‘modify’ to change the value data. This actually indicates how many milliseconds it will take to open Start menu. You should enter your value between 0 to 4000. We don’t recommend you to use 0 as a value.

speed up my computer

Then Restart your computer to apply the change.

Note: I have listed these tips to speed up your computer. You can delete your temporary file by typing %temp% on Run and delete those files. I hope this will help you to boost your PC speed.

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