Improve Your Android Battery Life by Greenify Auto Hibernation App

If you want to improve your smartphone battery life then you must use Greenify auto hibernation app. Most of the time our android devices slow down day by day. The reason behind it, many low-quality apps still work in the background after closing them. Even if we use the task killer apps, some apps may be stopped, but after a few minutes they will restart again. If you do it continuously then the result will be same.

Please note: Never do it again and again.As a result, your device may be damaged.

You can solve this problem by using of Greenify app. Greenify is a very useful and amazing app among Android users. When the app was released, then it only supports rooted android devices. But now people can access this app from their non-rooted devices. It’s very important to note that Greenify app is not a task killer app and also it does not ‘freeze’ app.

Improve your android battery life by

Greenify will assist you to determine apps for your smartphone  which are misbehaving  as a result, it helps to improve your device performance, as well as battery life.

Check out Cool Features of Greenify app:

  • You can easily send apps into hibernation that might improve your battery life.
  • There is a chance to utilize your application whether this has been placed in hibernation.
  • It allows GCM (Google Cloud Message) push message in order to wake up hibernated applications.
  • Keep notifications right after hibernation. The Android OS platform will be patched to help keep notification coming from, getting removed while apps hibernate.

If you are a new user of Greenify then you can easily use this app by applying this method.  

Step 1: Start Greenify after installing it on your own Android smartphone. To hibernate any app, you have to click on + icon at the bottom. You can select apps one by one.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 2: Once you have chosen all of the applications, tap the tick icon on the bottom right. Just greenify those applications that you will not get any types of push notifications. Let’s take an example, when you end up greenifying Hangouts or Gmail, you will no longer be notified immediately associated with new email or even massage.   

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 3: After clicking on tick icon you will see a “ZZZ” icon at the bottom right. Then click on it. After that, a new page will open to “Enable Automation”.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 4: Next, Accessibility page will open to turn on the Greenify.


Step 5: Finally click on “OK” button and now all your selected app are gone into hibernation.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Conclusion: Finally, I can say that if you use any android device then you must needed Greenify app to boost your battery life as well as get back previously Android performance.New Greenify app also supports to non-rooted device. So, use it and free up much more memory of your phone.

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