How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Today am going to discuss how you can change your WordPress domain name back to your initial domain name you had. Now let’s go to the main section of this topic. As an example, think that your initial domain name was http// and now you changed it to http// After changing this, you might get an error. Now am going to explain to you about the error when you do this and how you can easily fixed it. As a result of this change, you will also not able to log back to your original website.

This basically an error when we do this because this domain name is not registered to you. If you change this domain name without register then the error might occur.How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name

To fix this problem, you have to go to your C-panel of your hosting account. Here you have to find ‘Files’ section and then go to ‘File Manager’.

A pop-up box will be open. Here you can see your initial domain name .Then must select this domain and click on ‘Ok’.

After open a new page, you have to select ‘Public_html’ and then find a folder called ‘wp-config.php’.

In this area, you need to locate [define|’DB_NAME’].

Here you see a serial number like 1,2,3 or something like that. It indicates that how many website you have. Reason for coming here is to make sure you have selected your website number which has the problem.

Ok, fine…Now come back to your C-panel ‘Database’ section.

Then select ‘PhpMyAdmin’ and clock on it. Once you click, it will bring a database. On the left side of the database, you will see your website number. Now your website which have that problem.

Then click on it and find ‘wp-options’.

Once you click here, you’ll see the main database on the screen. Here you can see your domain name. Next, click on the yellow pencil icon to edit.

After open a box, you’ll able to edit your domain name.

After edit domain name, make sure you have entered initial domain name that you had before you changed it. Then save it and go back to the previous page.

Now you have to look for the option name ‘home’. Then click on the pencil icon and edit your domain again. Finally, click save and go back.

Now you can able to login to your Dashboard.

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