How To Find Lost Phone By Using Google’s “Find My Phone” Tool?

Now it is simple to find your lost Android phone by using a magic tool came from Google. When you lost your phone then it will very difficult to find your phone by tracking and that’s why Google has announced a brand new tool which can easily locate your missing phones by searching for the term “Find My Phone” on the Google homepage.

The feature will work almost all Android mobiles which have the latest Google app installed and another condition is that it generally seems to simply perform if you are signed into your Google account on Chrome. To find your phone, you have to follow this step by step guide shown below.

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Follow this step by step guide to Find Your Phone:

1. First of all you have to open on Chrome your browser and simply type ‘Find My Phone’ either into the address bar or type the term on your Google homepage and hit enter.

2. Once you have searched this term, within a very few seconds,  Google will automatically show you a map as the first search result with a message asking the user to sign in. One thing you should note, you have to sign in with that email which is connected with your gmail for getting the data of your phone.

3.  After completing your sign in the process into your Gmail account, Google will automatically start detecting your Android device.

4. After locating your phone, it will be recognized on Google maps, that displays the place of your missing phone.

5. Here you will find an option called “Ring”, you have to click on that icon to find your phone.

6. Once you clicked on that icon, your phone starts off Ringing with high volume regarding at least 5 Min.

To use this “Find My Phone” feature, you must have each of these features:

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  • You need to have enabled your location service on your device.
  • You must use the latest version of Google android app on your Device.
  • The device has to be connected to the internet.
  • Also, it just works on the desktop internet browser, which means you can’t simply get someone’s device as well as find your own telephone.


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