Turn ON And OFF Galaxy S5 Safe Mode with Video

You want to know how to turn off safe mode on galaxy s5 and do not know exactly how this works? On this article, we have created a brief but complete guide in which you can see how to enable or disable the so-called Galaxy S5 Safe Mode.

galaxy s5 safe mode

Just a few weeks ago, the new flagship from the company Samsung had appeared, and this is no smaller smartphone than the successor of the S4. With the Galaxy S5, there are not only some visible changes but also a lot of innovations on the hardware and software side.

But even the best mobile phone can not work as it should because of malicious apps. Even though the download of apps from the official site like Google Play is entirely safe, you have under Android nevertheless the possibility to download from other sources apps. This can be partly a problem because some people download apps from dubious sources, which in turn are endowed with some kind of malware.

This is partly even so far that the Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot start anymore. What you can do when this case occurs and why you often read from a safe mode, we have summarized you briefly in this article.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Galaxy S5 or Disable Galaxy S5 Safe Mode

The safe mode Galaxy S5 can be explained quite simply if this is activated then starts the smartphone only in the factory state. If you’re a bit familiar with Computers and Windows, you can compare safe mode to Android in principle with the safe mode of Windows. If something goes wrong or an app can take over the smartphone or even do not allow a proper start, then you can get a first impression with the secure Android mode. Since no third-party apps will start at the time of start-up of the Galaxy S5.

Get Your Answer of How to disable or enable secure mode Galaxy S5

Frequently, the question is asked how to disable safe mode and which key combination must be used. Whether the device is in this mode, you can recognize in the lower area on a gray lettering.

Disable mode

To disable safe mode Galaxy S5, you just need to restart your smartphone. It is important to ensure that no buttons are pressed, or you have your complete fingers on the touchscreen. Simply turn off the smartphone and turn it back on without pressing anything.

Activate mode

  • To activate the mode, proceed as follows.
  • Shut down Galaxy S5 completely
  • Galaxy S5 and keep the volume key pressed during the startup process until Android is fully started

We hope you have got your answer for galaxy s5 safe mode. If you have any doubt, then please comment bellow, we will reply ASAP. Thank you.

How to Leave a Group Text on iPhone (IOS)

The iPhone group chat or text allow you to linked with your friends, colleagues, etc. to communicate with each other in one place or one conversation. This can be very helpful and useful if you are trying to arrange a party with friends arrange a meeting with colleagues or discuss your business activities. However, the constant alerts and a huge number of text messages which you will receive will annoy you. If you wonder how to leave a group text, then this article describe you the right method to leave a group chat and also explain how to send messages in group chat.

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How to Send Group Text on Apple Devices

  • Download Connect from the Apple application store and start the application and allow this to access your contacts
  • In the contact list, select the desired contacts which you want to send messages or you want to add them to your group chat
  • Now tap and hold with your finger on the name of the group
  • After that, you will be offered various options. Tap the option called message
  • All of your contacts will automatically check with default setting and added to your group You will also uncheck some of your contacts which you don’t want to be part of the group text. Then tap the OK on the upper right side (CORNER) when the process was done
  • Name of the contacts in this group will automatically update and appear on the contact Now, you will usually type a message and send it in your group chat

Leave a Group Text

How to Leave a Group Text

As you know in group chat, there are countless messages alerts may annoy you. Some peoples don’t like group chats, but their friends and colleagues added them. If you want to leave a group text then following are the steps to how to get off a group text:

STEP No 1:

First of all, you will locate your setting by a tap on setting icon which is appear on your home screen and access the menu.

STEP No 2:

Now, scroll down to the text messages icon and tap it to access your phone settings. Then, locate the SMS and MMS heading.

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STEP No 3:

Find the Group chats or Messaging line and tap the white colored circle next to disable that feature. When the feature is shown as OFF and your preferences are automatically saved.

STEP No 4:

Locate your messages on your phone home screen and tap on the icon. Now find the group chat which you were previously involved in and tap it. Go to the Edit option on the right top of the phone screen.

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STEP No 5:

Finally, this is the last step, now select the Clear All option which appears at the top of your phone screen, after that, tap on clear conversation option to remove or delete the entire messages. When this process is done, you will not able to retrieved or recover your messages again.

How to remove from group text? Above is the method to remove yourself from group text iPhone with very easy and quick method.

Hope this video will also help you to mute or leave a group text:

Trick to Transfer Files from Android to PC Through WiFi

Hello, here I’m gonna show you how to transfer files from computer to android or vice versa. Most of the time we need to transfer music, pictures, video, audio and much more file from Smartphone to PC/Laptop or vice versa and that’s why we always use to transfer files from android to PC via USB. But we can’t carry this USB at where to connect android to pc though at any situation we have to need to transfer files from android to PC. But now this time is over. You can transfer files from computer to android or vice versa without USB and without root. This method is absolutely new as well as easy to connect android to PC. Before going to jump to this method, you have to know what is the requirement for this trick and that is Xender app. You must have Xender android apps in your smartphone. So, let’s start.

How to transfer files from android to pc

How to Transfer Files from Android to PC through WiFi

1. First of all you have to download and install Xender app in your smartphone. Here you can download Xender app. Click here to download this app from Google Play store.

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Transfer files from android to pc

2. Click on ‘Connect Phone’ option at the top of the this app.

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Transfer files from android to pc

3. Now you will see two options and these are ‘WiFi Setting’ and ‘WiFi Hotspot’. At this time, you have to click on ‘WiFi Hotspot’ and after that this app will ask you to switch on WiFi in your PC.

Transfer files from android to pc

4. You have to switch on WiFi in your PC and you will see hotspot named. Here it is “Xender_AP1057”.

Transfer files from android to pc

5. You will also see an address and you have to open this address in your browser.

Transfer files from android to pc

6. Once you open this address, a notification will come to your mobile and you have to ‘Accept’ this connection to connect android to PC and that’s it. You will see all files and folder in your browser.

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I hope this will help you to transfer files from android to PC. You cab easily transfer files from Pc to smartphone then just copy any file that want to send to your PC and paste it to any folder of smartphone.

[Free WhatsApp] How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet from Today

I think WhatsApp is familiar to all of you. But what is the special trick of this article? Yes, this is a secret as well as a most powerful trick of WhatsApp. After reading this article, you can use WhatsApp without the internet. Are you shocked by reading that headline! Ok, I’m going to clear your confusion about “WhatsApp Without Internet”, “WhatsApp without internet is it true“, “WhatsApp without internet data plan“. As you know that WhatsApp is so popular messenger among any others apps. In a few months ago, WhatsApp introduced good features called “Voice calling” which allow you to make calls to anyone. But the problem is that you have to use an internet connection to make calls. Now coming to the actual reason of this article is that How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet from Today. You can easily use WhatsApp for free without any internet connection.How to use WhatsApp without internet

Before some months or a year, there is no option to use WhatsApp without internet. But now it is possible. Now I’m gonna be explaining you the actual way to use WhatsApp without internet. The one and only easiest solution is ChatSim. I think all of you have never heard about this ChatSim word. Now the question is what is ChatSim and how can you use this ChatSim to use WhatsApp without internet? Don’t worry, I’ll explain all the features of this ChatSim and also elaborate how can you use this ChatSim.

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Secret information about WhatsApp without internet

Actually, ChatSim is one type of sim card which is like a normal sim card. By inserting ChatSim into your mobile phone, you can make call and communicate with your friends. Now coming to the next point. Basically, it is a simple process to use ChatSim such like your smartphone sim. When you will insert this ChatSim in your mobile phone and then you can use WhatsApp without an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp but also you can use all the popular messaging apps like Hike, BBM, Hike, Line, Tango, WeChat and much more.

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Use whatsapp without internet

WhatsApp without internet is it true? Yes, it is

You can use this ChatSim at anywhere in the world without using of the internet. Now, I’m going to explain how does ChatSim work. As you can see above picture, which is the actual look of ChatSim. You can use this ChatSim everywhere in this world and able to use WhatsApp without internet. This sim card might help those people who are always love traveling and can’t afford the price of the internet. ChatSim card has beautiful features like no other. You can exchange unlimited text and emoji all over the world. Not only text but also pictures, videos, audio, voice message and more.

WhatsApp without internet data plan not needed

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What do you think about this ChatSim? Is it free or paid? No, never expect this to be free. You have to pay some money to use this ChatSim. It cost around €30.00. There are three types of sim like Nano, Micro, and Standard. This is how you can use WhatsApp without the internet.

[New] How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Taking advantage of the cloud or the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can transfer data and contacts from an iPhone to an Android smartphone in a few minutes.

When you decide to change your smartphone or tablet for whatever reason, you will face with a significant problem. Your old smartphone must contain information and data of all kinds from contacts to e-mail and many working documents. Then how can you transfer contacts and data from android to iPhone? Yes, you can do it with easily.How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Tricks to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

1. Cloud Storage

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

It is the simplest method based on creating an account on one of the many cloud storage services available on the market and install applications on the two smartphones. Depending on the size of files to be transferred, You can select one of them which give you more space. Once you signed up any Cloud storage site, then upload your data to move from one phone to another.

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2. Send Anywhere

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

By installing Send Anywhere application, you can send documents anywhere on their Android and iOS devices. You can transfer data between the two devices without the cloud space. In fact, the application will use the data connectivity and p2p networks to implement the transfer of any type of data stored on the phone memory.

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3. Copy My Data

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

To transfer contacts, calendar appointments, photos and various kinds of files between an Android and iOS smartphone. Only you have to install the application Copy My Data on both devices and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. At that point, you can transfer the files from one phone to another by using the transmission bandwidth of your Wi-Fi router.

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4. Instashare

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Instashare not only allows you to transfer files between iOS and Android smartphones but also between Windows and OS X. In this case, instead of relying on the Internet, the application will use the modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices to create an ad hoc network through which to pass photos, text documents, spreadsheets, and anything else you want to transfer between two mobile devices.

[Fix] How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

Another secret tutorial only for you. We all use Skype messenger and it is so good. Isn’t it? But most of the time we really feel irritated because of it’s randomly ads. That’s why I was about “How to disable Skype advertisements” on internet and finally I fix this problem. Now I’m free to use Skype without any ads. Do you want to know this trick to get rid from Skype ads? Then read this article with very carefully.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

Trick to Remove Skype ads

Now I’m going to share with you how to disable ads in Skype Desktop Client. All you have to do just follow these simple steps.

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1. At first, open up Control Panel.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

2. Then click on Network & Internet and next Internet Options.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

3. Then you have to open Security tab.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

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4. Then click on Restricted Sites icon and after that Sites.

How to Disable Ads in Skype Desktop Client 2015

5. Here you have to add this “https://apps.skype.com/” without the quotes into this text box and click on Add.

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6. Finally, close this window and apply the changes.

7. Restart Skype and you will see there are no ads.

I hope this trick will help to disable Skype Ads. If you have any doubt then comment bellow.

How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

In recent years, infographics have gained popularity and it increasing day by day. I’ll share some best online Infographics maker which you’ve never heard before. Today am going to explain what they are, why they are useful and how to create them using the free tools available on the web. An infographic is the Visual representation of information. It displays and especially present flow charts or diagrams in an easy way. It is also a very useful tool for those who write articles for their blog. It is more attractive than an article and that’s why If someone publish any infographic that can bring a lot of traffic rather than an article.

How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

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How To Make Free Infographics By Using Free Tools

If you want to create infographics then you must be careful to do these things.

1. You have to use original and appropriate content, using color schemes and graphics.

2. Include only the information and reduce the text to a minimum.

3. Do not forget to add the link to share your infographic on social networks or by email, at the beginning or end of your page.

Free Tools To Make Free Infographics


How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

PiktoChart is a great tool for creating infographics using pre-set themes. It offers three levels of membership: a free plan, one monthly and also one annual. The free plan is limited to the use of 7 themes. However, it is perfect to start creating your first infographics.


How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

Infogr.am will help you to transform the data that you’ve collected on excel into a beautiful interactive infographic. It will no doubt be very helpful to summarize the results of a search or prepare a presentation full of information.


How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

Easel.ly works similarly to PiktoChart; allows you to create infographics by selecting a theme, adding graphic elements, customizing the colors, adding numbers and text etc.


How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

It is also a very good site to create an Infographic. You can easily create this by Drag and drop, rock and roll. It Makes mobile-friendly, gorgeous visualizations that intelligently adjust to your data.


How To Make Free Infographics Online | Best Infographics Maker

It usable directly online (it is not necessary to register). This tool is very useful to create diagrams and statistics gathering, assembling them in a document. With over 50 charts and hundreds of icons to choose from this tool.

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Today I have introduced how and why create infographics, and I’ve presented some tools to create very beautiful. What do you think about it? Have you ever thought of using them on your site?
If you liked this article, I invite you to share it, and if you are interested to know other secret tools then you must bookmark this site.

How To Find Lost Phone By Using Google’s “Find My Phone” Tool?

Now it is simple to find your lost Android phone by using a magic tool came from Google. When you lost your phone then it will very difficult to find your phone by tracking and that’s why Google has announced a brand new tool which can easily locate your missing phones by searching for the term “Find My Phone” on the Google homepage.

The feature will work almost all Android mobiles which have the latest Google app installed and another condition is that it generally seems to simply perform if you are signed into your Google account on Chrome. To find your phone, you have to follow this step by step guide shown below.

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Follow this step by step guide to Find Your Phone:

1. First of all you have to open Google.com on Chrome your browser and simply type ‘Find My Phone’ either into the address bar or type the term on your Google homepage and hit enter.

2. Once you have searched this term, within a very few seconds,  Google will automatically show you a map as the first search result with a message asking the user to sign in. One thing you should note, you have to sign in with that email which is connected with your gmail for getting the data of your phone.

3.  After completing your sign in the process into your Gmail account, Google will automatically start detecting your Android device.

4. After locating your phone, it will be recognized on Google maps, that displays the place of your missing phone.

5. Here you will find an option called “Ring”, you have to click on that icon to find your phone.

6. Once you clicked on that icon, your phone starts off Ringing with high volume regarding at least 5 Min.

To use this “Find My Phone” feature, you must have each of these features:

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#5a0f0f”]

  • You need to have enabled your location service on your device.
  • You must use the latest version of Google android app on your Device.
  • The device has to be connected to the internet.
  • Also, it just works on the desktop internet browser, which means you can’t simply get someone’s device as well as find your own telephone.


How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Today am going to discuss how you can change your WordPress domain name back to your initial domain name you had. Now let’s go to the main section of this topic. As an example, think that your initial domain name was http//:www.alltechzoom.com and now you changed it to http//:www.alltechzoomreview.com. After changing this, you might get an error. Now am going to explain to you about the error when you do this and how you can easily fixed it. As a result of this change, you will also not able to log back to your original website.

This basically an error when we do this because this domain name is not registered to you. If you change this domain name without register then the error might occur.How to Fix “Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name”

Can’t Login to My WordPress After Changing Domain Name

To fix this problem, you have to go to your C-panel of your hosting account. Here you have to find ‘Files’ section and then go to ‘File Manager’.

A pop-up box will be open. Here you can see your initial domain name .Then must select this domain and click on ‘Ok’.

After open a new page, you have to select ‘Public_html’ and then find a folder called ‘wp-config.php’.

In this area, you need to locate [define|’DB_NAME’].

Here you see a serial number like 1,2,3 or something like that. It indicates that how many website you have. Reason for coming here is to make sure you have selected your website number which has the problem.

Ok, fine…Now come back to your C-panel ‘Database’ section.

Then select ‘PhpMyAdmin’ and clock on it. Once you click, it will bring a database. On the left side of the database, you will see your website number. Now your website which have that problem.

Then click on it and find ‘wp-options’.

Once you click here, you’ll see the main database on the screen. Here you can see your domain name. Next, click on the yellow pencil icon to edit.

After open a box, you’ll able to edit your domain name.

After edit domain name, make sure you have entered initial domain name that you had before you changed it. Then save it and go back to the previous page.

Now you have to look for the option name ‘home’. Then click on the pencil icon and edit your domain again. Finally, click save and go back.

Now you can able to login to your Dashboard.

[Solved] “Our System Has Detected Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network”

Today I want to discuss a problem with Google search engine. At the morning, when I was searching on Google then suddenly it showed a captcha entry box showing “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”. I think that it is my silly mistake of typing keyword but after filled the captcha it shown me again and again. Then I was totally confused. One question is coming from my mind that why this “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” warning message appeared on my PC screen!!”

Our System Has Detected Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network

I thought it was my browser problem but after changing my browser again it shown me “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network”. After that, I asked myself that have I breaking any Terms and Conditions of Google? But after checked all thing, finally I solved it forever.

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Here I will show you some problems that I have solved.

What is the main reason of “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” in Google?

Here you will get the solution to this question “Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network” and the answer is so simple. Now am going to say you what is the main reason behind this error. You are getting this types of error because of you are sending searches from a robot, computer program or any types of automated services. Keep in mind that sending automated search in Google is breaking their Terms and Conditions, for this reason, Google block your IP address for sometimes and it may be 2-4 hours.

Don’t worry you can continue the search in Google by typing the captcha code. When you will stop sending the automatic traffic to Google then your problem will be solved immediately.

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Malware or Virus on Your PC Easily Creates unusual traffic

The problem can happen due to Malware or Virus on your PC. If your system has no antivirus then viruses can do this type of error. Actually, there are several types of virus that can easily attack you PC through internet or pen drive. As a result, these viruses may create automated internet unusual traffic or some keyword queries to Google search engine. So, you should one good antivirus and never forget to update in time to time.

Using Extension that Sends Searches to Google

Google Chrome and Mozilla browsers have many types of Extension. These extensions may create this type of problem. Extensions are able to give a lot of search result within few second.

Ok, am giving you a good example of this types of extension. Have you ever heard the extension called SEO QUAKE? Yes, this extension is so popular for SEO. When we search a word in Google than a lot of websites will show on Google page and this extension can easily detect those website’s Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and more. As a result, Google immediately detects unusual traffic from your system and ask you to fill the captcha.

If you get help from this article then please share with your friend.

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