How to recover deleted pictures on Android

An impulsive gesture, a mistake, or even a big bug, and there goes your photos, videos or favorite songs. Even if you do not have a backup, all is not lost! Today I will show two ways to recover deleted files and bring them back to your Android.

How to recover deleted pictures on Android Via computer

No need to root your device to retrieve audio files, video and photos from your smartphone. You will need to use a computer and a program like Recuva.

How to recover deleted files on Android

  • Connect your Android device to your computer;
  • Open Recuva;
  • Select your device in the top list on the left and click Scan;
  • When the scan finished, select the file and click Recover.

The preview of your file is not available, but do not worry, this is normal. This time, save the file to your computer! With Recuva, you can also select more files to get them all at once.

You can also use an alternative program to Recuva: it is called 7-Data Recovery and works the same way.

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How to recover deleted pictures via application

Some applications allow you to recover deleted pictures directly from your Android device. We can suggest the DiskDigger, which recovers deleted files from the internal memory or microSD card.

Please note: This app is only applicable to a rooted device only.

The app works like a computer program: Open this app, activates a scan and select the files you want to retrieve. This time, you can view the erased photos or videos more quickly, and the application allows you to send to your email.

What do you think of these methods? Do you know another way to recover deleted files on Android?

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Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

The lock screen is the first step of interacting with your mobile device. The lock screen performs multiple functions that relating to safety. It is not intended only as a protection of personal data from other users of the device but also protect against accidental awakening of the device. The lock screen is a default lock system of all android phone. But there are so many third party android apps that provide everything such as lock screen function. But selecting the best Lock Screen Android App, takes some time.

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

The purpose of this guide is to highlight the best lock screen app, according to the best security of the android phone. Here I have listed some of the best lock screens apps for your android phone.

Check out these Best Lock Screen Android App for Android Phone/Tablet 2016

Hi Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

It is one of the Best Lock Screen App for customizing your android lock screen. In addition, the developer is very attentive to the problems encountered by users and is always working to bring updates. These aspects are appreciated as always. Let’s see what is Hi Locker.

1. The application allows you to set a pin or a security pattern. The latter can be designed in such a way that appear “invisible” when scrolling lines. It should be also mentioned the “Intelligent Release”, which allows you to bypass the password when the phone detects a WiFi network, reputed as safe.
2. Functional customization is “What’s Next”, a callable page with a swipe from right to left, which shows the events, calendar appointments up to a maximum of 15 days. Lock screen style can be “classic”, “IOS” or “Lollipop”. Last mention for “Wallpaper Effect”. You can customize lock screen wallpaper background.

ZUI Locker

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

ZUI Locker is definitely an elegant lock screen and Best Lock Screen Android App for your android device. Let’s see what is these features:

1. It is one of the best material design lockers.
2. Beautiful and HD graphics and easy to use.
3. Good chance to get HD wallpaper with auto update.
4. Has a Different style of theme and layout that can make your screen marvelous.
5. Easy to turn on the gravity sensor function.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

If you want to get fastest and beautiful notification then Echo Notification Locker is the perfect app for your android device. Here are some latest features:

1. Echo allows for choosing a custom security patterns to secure your device.
2. You can control your music player without unlocking your device.
3. A most powerful feature of this app is instant notification system. If you get any new notification from social media or something like that, you will get an instant alert.
4. This app has an awesome design that does not affect your battery.

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The Best LockScreen App for Android Phone/Tablet 2015

SnapLock is an amazing and cool app screen locker app for your android phone. It is also a clean, simple and beautiful app. You can say that it is also Best Lock Android Screen App. Let’s see all features:

1. Notification will be displayed immediately on your home screen.
2. A side panel is given for getting individual’s information, Like Weather forecast, app shortcuts and also a schedule of calendar events.
3. iPhone style keypad. You can lock your device by using either PIN code or an Android-style pattern lock.

Locker Master: The best for social networking

Free lock screen apps

The Locker Master offers a unique theme for your lock screen android app for 2016. Here are some features:

1. Shortcuts can be configured right and left of the screen, weather animations can be integrated and rapid settings can be accessed directly from the lock screen.
2. The advanced settings allow the use of other features that would only be possible with the help of a launcher.
3. Focus is on the integration of the music player widget. Notifications from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook can also be displayed directly on the lock screen.

Note: As you can see on Google Play store, there are a lot of screen locker app. But I have listed only best Screen Lock Android App out of them. Because I have used these apps and there are really good. If you think I have missed something, then please comment bellow.

Free Download Top 10 Best Free Android Games For Android Phones/Tablet

As usual AllTechZoom has provided best secret news and in this case we decided to focus on the best free android games that you can download from the Google Play Store. Obviously this article will give you top free games for the android phone. In this case, all these free games available for the Smartphone or tablet with Android operating system. Of course, if you can then buy a paid version but the free version is good for your Android. Now let’s discover together the best free games for Android. Have fun.

Top 10 Best Free Android Games For Android

Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Free android Game

Hopeless The Dark Cave

Let’s start by saying that if you search in Google UK Play Store the name of the game is obviously different and precisely is called “Hopeless: the dark cave” but obviously its content does not change. This is a free android game which you will have to support an “Army” of fluorescent blob that can be found in the bleakest dark and which must be able to escape from the snares of some shadows that would make the skin (be careful though because not all shadows that you are your opponents).

Of course, you will manage the blob and you’ll be armed to defend yourself and you have to be careful not to scare the same blob otherwise they commit suicide and you lose the game. From a graphic point of view, the game is good unpretentious while very high its playability (simple to understand and really fun). Surely the dark setting (which are very dark backgrounds) require you to set a maximum brightness of your smartphone or tablet leading to a good energy consumption but the game is fun and worth it.

If you are interested to download Hopeless: the dark cave, that on Play Store has collected 4.1/5 stars rating user, please click here.

Call of Mini Zombies 2

Free Android Games For Android Phones

This is free game for your Android phone. Also on this Call of Mini: Zombies 2, unlike that in its first version and we have a few additions such as the presence of secondary weapons and even a chainsaw (one type of weapon). Of course, weapons and missions vary with the progress of the game and with the accumulation of money so that you can set up a custom character. If you are interested to play this Callus of Mini 2 Zombies, which reached a user rating on Play Store equal to 4.3/5 stars, please click here.

Hay Day

Free Android Games For Android Phones

Hay Day is the most popular farming free game on mobiles and tablets. According to a report on 2013, the developer of this game, has earned $30 million a month from Hay Day and another popular game made Clash of Clans, made by the same developer. Hay Day was the 4th highest game in revenue generated. Greg, the actual player’s uncle, can’t look his farm anymore, therefore he will hand over this responsibility of caring his farm to the player. The overall game begins having a scarecrow training player regarding cropping whole wheat.

In this game, players can sell the goods and by selling these, they will earn coins. You will have the opportunity to purchase new structures and put into production or raising new types of foods (such as cakes or milk) and animals (cows, pigs, sheep and many other).

If you like challenges to team enter a community and participate in weekly contests that will be proposed with the chance to win prizes in the game itself reusable. A really fun way to pass the time and that was a great success thanks to 4.4 stars out of 5 rating was on the official page of Google Play Store.

If you are interested in downloading the Hay Day version for devices with Android operating system you must click here.

Age of Sparta

Free Android Games For Android Phones

In this game, one hand you have to build your city and the other defending it from enemies and conquer new territories. Therefore, You must defeat the armies of Xerxes & it is very dangerous but don’t worry because your side you can rely on the help and protection of Olympians (Zeus on all). Here you can use wild animals and mythological monsters.

Prominent feature of this game is undoubtedly the presence of a very important and treated without neglecting the social side of Age of Sparta that will allow you to forge alliances with various other players so you can more quickly reach all your goals of conquest. The excellent rating of this game 4.3/5 stars joined on Google Play Store from this Age of Sparta.

If you are interested to download the Age of Sparta version for devices with Android operating system you must click here.

Boom Beach

Free Android Games For Android Phones

The main purpose of this fun game of strategy is to succeed in building a village with the inclusion of a series of buildings that will help in its development such as those to produce and store and those resources to defend you from your bitter enemies

This is because the tactics-military phase is one of the most important in this game to the point that you need to go to create your custom naval fleet that serves to destroy the rival villages. Obviously when you win an attack increase your resources and liberate your fellow citizens rendered prisoners.

Feel free, for the first time the game provides a tutorial explaining how to play and what are its features. Great success scored by this Boom Beach thanks to 4.4/5 stars reached inside of Google Play Store. Download here.

RGB Express

Free Android Games For Android Phones

In this game, your character will be the real boss of the Express Company RGB working worldwide delivery of colors (very particular task right) and as a leader you should be skilled in designing the best possible path for all your drivers so that each order placed will be promptly delivered to the right address.

But if you have done something wrong deliveries fail but don’t worry because at the beginning of the game comes a comprehensive tutorial that will help you understand the dynamics of RGB Express in order to minimize the possibility of error.

At the level of the users, judgment result was good considering the rating 4.1/5 stars scored on Google Play Store and click here to download.


Free Android Games For Android Phones

Reaper is made up of stories, each other and consequential corresponding to different levels; by downloading the free version you can play until the tenth level while only by purchasing the Premium version you can follow up in the later levels. Customers who used the Reaper have allocated 4.3 stars out of Google Play & we, therefore, recommend it to anyone who loves the role-playing games set in the fantastic world. The Free version of Reaper is available at the following link.

Real Racing 3

Free Android Games For Android Phones

If you prefer getting more into the situation in the automotive industry by driving directly the car of your dreams using perhaps the accelerometer present in your device, the famous and developed for you your dream game free download from Google Play Store: Real Racing 3.

Temple Run 2

Free Android Games For Android Phones

Temple run is the best running, sliding, jumping free android game.  You must check it from Google play store. If you are interested to download the Temple Run 2 free version for devices with Android operating system you must click here.

Eternity Warriors 2

Free Android Games For Android Phones

Eternity Warriors 2 is one of the amazing free android game. Click here to download this free android game from Google play store.

Note: All these games are free and also paid version. You can easily download these free android game from directly Google play store, for this you can read this article: You Can Easily Download APK Files From Google Play Store on Your PC. If you think I have missed any popular game then please comment bellow.

[Uncovered] Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

Now WhatsApp Messenger is really a great messaging app with more than 600 million users, which permits you to exchange messages without any pay for SMS. Additionally, it is one of the most downloaded and also well-known app Whether it’s BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or Nokia smartphones. WhatsApp has already gone out, it’s highly expected Free voice calling features for Android smartphone in its brand new version 2.11.508 to ensure that users can call their own friends within their WhatsApp contacts  or even anyone without having departed WhatsApp. Many Android users were able to use the WhatsApp voice calling feature right after receiving a call from their friends who’re already using this service. In this tutorial, I will guide you to enable WhatsApp free voice calling feature.

Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

Apply This Method to Activate Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature On Android

Definitely that is not all people exactly who downloads and install this latest build up and start voice calling because of, this feature is still in beta testing mode. WhatsApp hasn’t legally introduced rollout, however along with the amount of devices, helping the actual function, users can expect declaration very soon. Many of us don’t know how to enable it? In this tutorial, I’ll help you to enable WhatsApp voice calling feature. All you have to do, just  follow this method.

Minimum Requirement for to Active Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

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  • Your Android OS version must be 2.1 or above.
  • An active internet connection.
  • Tablet devices are not supported.


After fulfill those criteria, You’ll able to enable this voice calling feature.First of all you have to update your app to its new version, otherwise You can download this latest version app from their official website.


The ultimate guide to enable WhatsApp free voice calling

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  • Once you download this app, click on the file to install this on your Android smartphone.
  • Now your Whatsapp has activated completely.


Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

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  • After complete this, You have to find any one of your WhatsaApp friend who are already using this particular feature and inform them to call you at WhatsApp.
  • After your friend calls, the WhatsApp voice calling feature will immediately include in the app home screen, permitting you the particular accessibility to evoke all your friends on your contact list to perform exactly the same.


Ultimate Guide to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

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  • That’s the idea anyone can utilize Whatsapp with the person who previously got Activated.


Please note, this particular feature is only available on android device. This voice calling feature isn’t readily available still within the iPhone, though WhatsApp’s latest iOS update recently had launched a calling option on the chat screen.This feature also not available for windows phone use.

There are a lot of application like Skype, Line, Viber, Hike which have a voice calling feature.

Improve Your Android Battery Life by Greenify Auto Hibernation App

If you want to improve your smartphone battery life then you must use Greenify auto hibernation app. Most of the time our android devices slow down day by day. The reason behind it, many low-quality apps still work in the background after closing them. Even if we use the task killer apps, some apps may be stopped, but after a few minutes they will restart again. If you do it continuously then the result will be same.

Please note: Never do it again and again.As a result, your device may be damaged.

You can solve this problem by using of Greenify app. Greenify is a very useful and amazing app among Android users. When the app was released, then it only supports rooted android devices. But now people can access this app from their non-rooted devices. It’s very important to note that Greenify app is not a task killer app and also it does not ‘freeze’ app.

Improve your android battery life by

Greenify will assist you to determine apps for your smartphone  which are misbehaving  as a result, it helps to improve your device performance, as well as battery life.

Check out Cool Features of Greenify app:

  • You can easily send apps into hibernation that might improve your battery life.
  • There is a chance to utilize your application whether this has been placed in hibernation.
  • It allows GCM (Google Cloud Message) push message in order to wake up hibernated applications.
  • Keep notifications right after hibernation. The Android OS platform will be patched to help keep notification coming from, getting removed while apps hibernate.

If you are a new user of Greenify then you can easily use this app by applying this method.  

Step 1: Start Greenify after installing it on your own Android smartphone. To hibernate any app, you have to click on + icon at the bottom. You can select apps one by one.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 2: Once you have chosen all of the applications, tap the tick icon on the bottom right. Just greenify those applications that you will not get any types of push notifications. Let’s take an example, when you end up greenifying Hangouts or Gmail, you will no longer be notified immediately associated with new email or even massage.   

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 3: After clicking on tick icon you will see a “ZZZ” icon at the bottom right. Then click on it. After that, a new page will open to “Enable Automation”.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Step 4: Next, Accessibility page will open to turn on the Greenify.


Step 5: Finally click on “OK” button and now all your selected app are gone into hibernation.

Improve your android battery life by Greenify auto hibernation app

Conclusion: Finally, I can say that if you use any android device then you must needed Greenify app to boost your battery life as well as get back previously Android performance.New Greenify app also supports to non-rooted device. So, use it and free up much more memory of your phone.

[New ]PhotoMath App for Android-2015

Now you can solve your math problems with an android app by scanning your smart phone. By all apps readily available for iOS and android products on the App Store is definitely an opportunity you will discover something which may genuinely shock a person. Among the best samples of this is PhotoMath for your smartphone, a great app in which performs math calculations instantly by making use of your Phone’s camera.

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Once I initial enjoyed PhotoMath app ahead of the staff got the particular period inside our Battlefield competition at Disrupt London, My partner and I have been pleased simply by the layout and also total user experience.PhotoMath App

Solving any math equation using a personal computer will be practically nothing great. Everyone knows that Wolfram Alpha is definitely a best effective engine for computing answers as well as providing knowledge – it is doing which for a long time. But the problem is inputting a good formula within Wolfram Alpha’s application is really a painful procedure. Along with PhotoMath, you’ll be able to point and shoot easily.

The Right Way to Solve Difficult Problems in PhotoMath

PhotoMath App

PhotoMath is really a great small application. All you have to point your phone camera at a mathematics formula and instantly it provides you with the solution as well as demonstrate all of the actions to resolve this specific formula. By following its massive success in the application store, the app has already launched on Android.

What Functions Can PhotoMath Execute?

A question might come, which are the functions that PhotoMath is able to do and will it able to calculate accurate answer for those question?

The answer is, At this time PhotoMath application can solve few mathematical problems such as ‘Arithmetic  expressions’, ‘Fractions as well as decimals’, ‘Powers and roots’, ‘Simple linear equations’, several functions like ‘logarithms’ .

If you want to solve these types of math then you have to use this PhotoMath application by installing it in your smartphone. With the help of your smartphone camera and focusing on that particular problem you’ll able to solve it immediately.

How to use PhotoMath?

As I mentioned above, PhotoMath can easily scan and solve math functions in real time. For this, it utilizes several superior OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithms to understand numbers and symbols on the spot.

When working with PhotoMath, you’ll see a red-colored frame situated from the middle of the actual display. It is possible to drag any of the edges of the frame to make this match the actual formula you need to check out. The app gives greater plus much more exact benefits if you undertake consequently.

When the application identifies the actual formula, it quickly shows the result beneath the actual red-colored frame. If you wish to understand how PhotoMath will get it’s solutions, the application additionally supplies a really comprehensive description associated with exactly how this will get every result. It is possible to access this particular portion of the application through tapping upon the steps >>button when a result is displayed.


Benefits of Having A Free Android/iOS Kids Apps Called YouTube Kids

We all know that YouTube is a most Fantastic spot on the Internet. In every day, there are a lot of content uploaded to YouTube and all these video contents are enough to learn a new thing and anyone can say that YouTube is a place for entertainment. That say YouTube is actually not even close to becoming child-friendly that’s why many kids were missing something from YouTube. Especially for children Google has launched the great YouTube app which is called YouTube Kids and this app is now available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

The organization states it’s already been dealing with families within the last 12 months to brew a much more family-friendly edition associated with The brand new app ‘YouTube Kids’ is made to end up being less complicated with regard to kids having a better, as well as larger user interface.

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOS
The YouTube Kids app launches these days in the US with regard to Google android as well iOS devices, and also the organization expects in order to move this away somewhere else later on. The YouTube Kids application is going to be free of charge as well as financed through advertising and marketing, even though YouTube states that it will likely be very carefully testing advertisements to make sure they’re right for kids. See all the benefits of having a Free android/iOS YouTube Kids for your kids.

Parents will not need to concern yourself with just what their little children fall throughout. All the content material is actually kids suitable. Most of us weren’t capable of gain access to greater “colorful” portions of YouTube since the application is actually self-contained using what seems to be Google-curated content material.

The Description of YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOSThere are interesting four categories in YouTube Kids groups videos and these are – Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. In the Shows section, focuses on that videos which are related to familiar children’s TV brands. Music section includes video from Nursery-Rhyme Channels and Learning captures educational videos.

Made For Youngsters

The company states that they have taken out the actual complex things as well as created a good application even children can easily find their way — which means large control keys, simple scrolling, as well as immediate full-screen.

All Video clips Kids will Love

Children can easily take pleasure in most favorite just like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, as well as DreamWorks, on the internet strikes such as Goose Club,TuTiTu, and Super Simple Songs, plus Easy Tunes, in addition other things they’re into — songs, video gaming, technology, projects, and much more.

YouTube Kids Apps for Android/iOSExactly who YouTube Kids is designed for: Children that will be ready to touch and also swipe their most popular shows, as well as a variety of brand new content material produced simply for all of them.

Who YouTube Kids is not with regard to: Young persons will not enjoy this app particularly that much. Even so, the item carries a beautiful selection connected with popular cartoons from your ’80s and also ’90s.

Note: There’s also capabilities to set locks on concerning several programs should your child obsess, along with established moment restrictions to stop youngsters coming from serial-watching their favorite collection.