Best Foot Massagers Opinions

“If it did not exist we would have to invent it” is the phrase that comes to mind when we use a foot massager for the first time, what is it? It is a technological device that provides stimuli of various types in the feet of the user.

Foot massagers are divided into two main types: those that provide dry massage and those that immerse the feet in the water . However, its operation is very similar.

best foot massagers

The equipment consists of a surface with protuberances that apply movement and sometimes heat on the soles of the feet, producing a sensation of relaxation and well-being that can be considered as a real luxury.

How does a massage device work?

The foot massager stimulates the whole body in impressive ways. The sensation of relaxation is transmitted from the feet and generates benefits such as increased blood circulation, reduced pulse and blood pressure, improved metabolism and relaxation of muscles, skin and other tissues.

The different models are equally useful for people who, due to their occupation, spend a lot of time standing or under a lot of pressure since they relax and irrigate muscles, tendons, and nerve endings. They offer immediate relief from the pain caused by different types of medical conditions such as diabetes and certain neuropathies.

Types of foot massager

No need to be sick to indulge in a foot massage with these incredible devices. It is always a pleasure, after a tiring day, to put aside the shoes and sit down to enjoy the pleasure of a foot massage with relaxing, analgesic and therapeutic effects. For this, it is only necessary to choose between a huge range of models and variations that respond, above all, to the type of intervention intended by its designers. The most important varieties are:

Based on hydromassage for feet: direct the water with a specific pressure and temperature to stimulate blood circulation.

Infrared: to give a dry massage. It stimulates the organism through heat directed in a certain way for therapeutic purposes.

Shiatsu: an oriental technique of massage with balls. It is based on the principles of reflexology to reach any organ or part of the body through endings on the feet.

There are also wooden utensils designed for the same purpose that does not require electrical power. These are an excellent alternative to take during long trips.

It goes without saying that, the proven health benefits and well-being of the use of foot massagers make it clear that these, while not a substitute for a doctor’s treatment, are a perfect complement to treat many conditions.

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