[Fantastic] Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher March-2018

Hello, Today I’m going to tell you Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher March-2018. First, we have to know what is the actual function of a Launcher. The answer is that with the help of this Launcher, you can change the look of your smartphone without changing the system file. Basically, all those Launcher is like apples and these are developed by the external developer. By the help of these Launchers, you’ll able to change dock style, color, icon size, animations and ever much more. Although there are a lot of android Launcher available in Google Play Store, in this tutorial I’ll give you a list of Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher – 2018 with details.

Top 5 Best Android Free Launcher -2015

Google Now: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

The Google Now is the greatest Google android free Launcher, which is designed and compiled by Google Inc. Suppose you’re operating KitKat or even Jelly Bean and use the Google Now launcher on your device, you’ll observe a lot of lively animations that work similarly to how they execute on Lollipop devices.

Google Now

There are plenty interactive popular features of this therefore known as a launcher. It really does build on Google Now integration, voice commands, and finally the simple way to access the Google products. It is Available on all devices with Android 4.1 version or later.

Key features:

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  • Simply call “Ok Google” – when you’re on your home screen, just say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input.
  • Quick search – tap into your search box and you can enter your query immediately.
  • You can easily access to your Gmail, YouTube account.


GO Launcher EX: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

The GO Lancer EX is the Absolutely NO.1 launcher in Google Play store with more than 200 million users.This is the greatest launcher and that’s why I suggest to advanced users. GO launcher offers a lot of functions And contains incredible user interference.

Go Launcher

Go Launcher offers a lot of amazing styles theme. I know you will be within confusion to select your own style!. In this free version launcher, you’ll able to customize your theme options and that is better than other launchers. There are a lot of essential widgets that helps you to give a new look of your device.

Key features:

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  • XX Transition Effect available and also Magic Effect every slide.
  • Completely personalized grid.
  • Icons are Flat set.


Apex Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

If you want to customize your android device homescreen then Apex Launcher might help you. This fantastic launcher has a lot of great features.

Apex Launcher

Key features:

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  • Easy to customize homescreen grid size & more than 8 homescreens.
  • You will able to use Scrollable dock with up to 7 symbols for each page.
  • Elegant transitions effects.
  • Unlimited & flexible scrolling.
  • Appreciate homescreen gestures.


Nova Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

This really is an excellent as well as stylish launcher regarding a lot of the android tablets and phones. You can easily change your home screen by Nova Launcher. Change icon styles, colors, designs, animated graphics and much more. Not just its overall performance powered as well as very easy to customize, it is simple among the best user-friendly launching application.

Nova Launcher

Buzz Launcher: Best Android Free Launcher – 2018

Buzz Launcher is also a great launcher. By using this launcher, you can able to design as well as customize your home screen. This is impossible for me that I can’t describe how beautiful and stylish this launcher is! I can suggest you strongly to go for this launcher.

Buzz Launcher

The main reason to use this launcher is that if you don’t like default home screen, you can design by yourself or you may download the home screen from the web. By using Buzz Launcher, it is possible to make use either icon-based user interface or even tiled based user interface.

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