Best Video Calling Apps for PC (Alternatives to Skype)

When looking for a video conferencing program, you think directly of the Skype software. Launched in 2003, Skype is now the most popular audio and video calling tool worldwide. Whether with a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or a Smartphone, it is possible to contact another Skype user from anywhere. All you need to make a video call is a camera and microphone as well as free Skype software with a good internet connection.

Best Video Calling Apps for PC

However, there are now several free software programs for IP telephony, also known as voice over IP or “VoIP”. As with Skype, these programs can be used to perform communication with other users via video transmission. Besides, the majority of alternatives to Skype are free and some are in some respects better than the market leader, particularly with regard to data protection measures and policy. What are some really useful and innovative programs? In this article, we will give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the 13 best alternatives to Skype.

Pros and Cons of Skype

Skype is known worldwide for being much more than just a free IP telephony program. In addition to being able to communicate with another user via a video call, the application offers many other functions. For example, it is in particular possible with the Skype group calls function to bring together up to 50 users at the same time to your call and thus to carry out an effective video conference.

Another feature of Skype is instant messaging which allows you to send and exchange texts, files, photos, Internet links, etc. A major advantage of this feature is the fact that messages already sent can still be modified or deleted. In addition, thanks to screen sharing, it is possible to reflect the content of your own screen to other users, in order to share images, documents, presentations, etc. There are also clients (programs that communicate with the server application) for many operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). Skype also offers a feature that allows full use of Skype and making a call with the web application directly and simply via the Internet browser.

All these features can be used for free, it is just necessary to verify that the different users have a Skype account in order to be able to access the different functions, however, there is another method of using Skype to contact people who do not have an account. Indeed, Skype is connected to the network of fixed and mobile telephone lines around the world. To access this service, the Skype user simply has to buy credit to make a call or send messages, at a competitive price.

Finally, there is also a paid version of the program (Microsoft Teams) which is intended for companies and professionals. Skype for Business offers additional functions, including the use of Microsoft Office 365 and additional security measures. The free version has been strongly criticized for its low level of security, it is the Achilles heel of this great software. Below you will find a summary of the pros and cons of Skype:


  1. Available for many platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) with “Skype for the Web” the program can also be directly used via the browser as a simple Web application.
  2. Multiple functionalities: It is possible with the instant messaging service, to send text messages, and to modify or even delete them, it is also possible to exchange files (images, documents, etc.). In addition, screen sharing greatly facilitates dialogue between users.
  3. Video conference bringing together up to 50 people for the free version and up to 250 people for the paid version Skype for Business.


  1. Users do not know exactly who can access the contents of calls and messages. For example, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA, the US defense agency, could obtain certain content from Skype conversations via Microsoft.
  2. Poor data protection: The lack of protection on Skype has often been criticized. However, conversations between users are encrypted with the AES-256 method (the text of the messages partially uses the TLS protocol), but following the Skype privacy guide, the content of communications can sometimes be accessible to the authorities.

Best alternatives to Skype: 13 best video calling apps

When it comes to data protection, many audio and video calling programs are just as controversial as Skype. However, some have distinguished themselves by strengthening security on their own initiative, notably by emphasizing new measures to secure the content of communications, and other software has changed, under pressure from users, the privacy policy and have introduced a more efficient encryption system.

Beyond the content protection debate, there are also good alternatives to Skype that stand out with creative and effective features. We are going to present you 13 different audio and video calling applications which have a free version, by listing the strengths and weaknesses of these.



Spike is a completely innovative chat tool thanks to its videophone solution, especially in the professional field. The program helps teams to make internal and external communication more effective. Developers have revolutionized the way email traffic is presented: inbound and outbound messages are displayed as in a chat or as in most popular email applications. The complete communication solution also includes VoIP, making Spike a real alternative to Skype. Spike allows you to make voice and video calls directly from the application.

If you want to work even more efficiently and communicate more directly with your colleagues, converting emails to chat messages is a useful function: the program removes everything that does not belong at the very heart of the message, and therefore only stores essential information. Spike also supports teamwork with other features: you can exchange files, encrypt application messages, and save a calendar.

Spike can be used on Windows and Mac, and mobile with iOS and Android, but also completely platform-independent in the web browser. If the program is free for private users, professional teams pay a fee per user account. It is not necessary to create your own user account to register: Spike uses the user’s existing email account.



Created in 1996, ICQ was originally a simple instant messaging system and was therefore popular in the 90s. However, the number of users has greatly decreased and the software has been strongly challenged by other programs over time. offering new services. ICQ now has many functions including video calling, but only between two users. However, an extension recently introduced the video conferencing option for many. ICQ works with an end-to-end encryption system (or End-to-end encryption) for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Otherwise, ICQ now has a lot of similarities with Skype, the software can also be used to make calls on fixed and mobile lines by buying credit, and text messages can be sent, as a whole the application is well built with many functions. However, its lack of popularity today represents a handicap and with the current strong competition, it is often difficult for an old actor to regain market shares.



Jitsi free software is particularly intended for users who attach great importance to the confidentiality of conversations. All calls (with or without the video option) are indeed encrypted. You can freely activate the encoding of your conversations. There is officially no limit on the number of participants for a video conference, but in practice, this number is limited by the capacity of computers and the speed of Internet connections. Another advantage of Jitsi is that it is not necessary to create a user account to be able to use the service, it is possible to use the variant for the browser: Jitsi Meet. With this application, with a single click, it is possible to open a conversation and add participants by sending a simple link.

Jitsi can be used via Linux. The mobile version exists for Android and iOS.



In 2013, following revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden, particularly concerning the private data of Skype users, an anonymous developer decided to launch the Tox program. The logo with a padlock symbolizes the central concern of this new program: data protection. All conversations are indeed protected with the End-to-end (or end-to-end in French) encryption system. The goal is that no one can access the content of the conversations. Even the IP address is only visible to other participants in the conversation. Finally, data transmission is carried out via the Peer to peer model(peer to peer in French) rather than via a central server. This means that data is exchanged directly between users’ computers in the same conversation. This system, therefore, prevents an external user from having access to the data of a conversation. It is therefore clear that the main strength of this new program is its emphasis on security, it prides itself in particular on being the answer in this field to classic applications of instant messaging and video and audio calls which do not guarantee them. always optimal protection. In addition, the program was not developed for commercial purposes.

Tox offers classic features (audio and video calls, instant messaging, file transfer), a desktop sharing option is also available, and the program works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Users can exchange their contact data with a specific Tox-ID. As the Tox software is still in the beta test phase, it is possible that errors may occur as reported by the publisher on its website. However, if you are looking for the best security, these errors should not dissuade you from using this program. Indeed Tox offers today the best at this level.



Many of Viber’s functions are similar to those of Skype. This ranges from VoIP to instant messaging and the ability to transfer documents, and as with Skype, it is possible to use Viber to make phone calls to landlines and mobiles by purchasing credit. A video call can only be made between two users. The tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

However, Viber has received bad press recently due to the abnormal collection of a large volume of user data and has therefore breached European data protection law. Even information about people who do not have a Viber account has been stored. In 2016, to face criticism, Viber now offers (except for calls to landline and mobile phones) End-to-end encryption, which secures the content of conversations. Ultimately, Viber has many features, but like so many other good alternatives to Skype, it has relatively few users and continues to have a rather negative image. 



Many Facebook users, the world’s most popular social media platform, are unaware that audio and video calls can be made to other Facebook users through the instant messaging feature. You can use the desktop version or the Messenger app for Android and iOS mobile. The program allows VoIP calls with up to 50 different profiles, however, a video call is only possible between two Facebook users. But this defect is minimal since the huge advantage of its program is the popularity of Facebook, so it is very easy to be able to make audio and video calls with your Facebook “friends”. Finally, unfortunately, communications are not yet encrypted, moreover this Facebook service is not famous for strong data protection and for its privacy policy.



Another product in the Facebook range is also a good alternative to Skype. While WhatsApp was originally just an app for written messages, you can now use it for voice and video telephony. In addition, photos, videos and voice messages can be sent back and forth. Besides the well-known versions for Android and iOS, there are also desktop solutions for Mac and Windows, but also a web version for the browser.

Although you can chat with 256 people in a group at the same time, the video conference is limited to four people.

But probably the biggest advantage of WhatsApp is its massive popularity: it is very likely that friends and acquaintances also use the application. WhatsApp not only shares the benefits of Facebook Messenger, but they also have one big downside in common. As a Facebook product, many users are very concerned about the lack of attention given to privacy, even though WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption.



FaceTime is an audio and video calling application developed specifically for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac for example). FaceTime allows 32 people to participate simultaneously in a video conference.

Google Duo


Launched in 2016, the Google Duo application, like FaceTime, has a minimalist approach. The application, therefore, offers basic services, including video calls, but only between two users, while video conferences allow the inclusion of 8 participants. But unlike the Apple application, Google Duo offers an original function: “Knock Knock”, the latter allows you to see the caller on video before even accepting the call, but only if he is part of the contacts. The application also allows its users to send video messages. Google Duo is available for Android but also for iOS. It is not necessary to have a Google account to use the application, the simple addition of a phone number is necessary. In addition, it is also possible to use the Web version.

Google Hangouts


The Hangouts app is generally viewed as Google’s attempt to compete with the WhatsApp instant messaging app. Available for Android and iOS, Google Hangouts is also available as a web application that can be accessed simply through the browser. It is, therefore, possible to chat by instant messaging and share files as well as to carry out video conferences with a limit of 10 participants for the same conversation.

Since 2015, it is possible to invite a user who does not have a Google account for a video conference. Finally, with the release in 2016 of Google Duo and Google Allo, the managers of the service spoke of the turn of Hangouts towards the business world.



Launched in 2011, Japanese free instant messaging is very similar to Skype in terms of options. It also offers video telephony between two users. But as on Facebook, it is possible to create a history or a chronology and to share photos, videos, etc. with other users, thus building a small social network with your contacts. Messages and files can be saved to a specific file using the “Keep” function. Finally, game applications, new designs, and stickers are available on this tool. The Line application is very popular in Asia, especially in Japan, but has faced many criticisms regarding its lack of data protection, however, it now has a system end-to-end encryption for all communications.



WeChat is available for most operating systems, only Linux is not yet supported. Chinese software was launched in 2011 and quickly met with great success in his native country, which remained his main market. The application resembles the functionality level of Line and therefore has instant messaging, as well as IP telephony with or without video transmission (the latter can be carried out with a maximum of 9 participants). It is also possible to share documents and files via a sort of chronicle, a newsfeed for editing messages. Finally, small video games and stickers for instant messaging are available in the purchase section of the application, but also a range of services such as booking a taxi or making an appointment with a doctor.

The advantage of the broad spectrum of functionality is however offset by the fact that this software was developed by a Chinese publisher. However, the Internet in China is still very tightly controlled and dependent on government authorities. Many Western programs like Facebook are still banned and WeChat has therefore been able to gain an important place in the Chinese market. However, the application is subject to Chinese privacy rules and does not offer good data protection. The editor thus has access to a good number of your personal data and the communications carried out via WeChat are not secure, only the message history is encrypted. The location of the servers has an important influence on the storage of data; WeChat is enough on this point opaque and therefore has the worst data protection alternatives to Skype.



Wire instant messaging is only compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. However, it is also possible to use this program directly via your web browser. The software offers classic features such as instant messaging and audio (with 5 users maximum) and video (only between two users) calls. Finally, it is also possible to share with other users content from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

The company that developed the Wire software is based in Switzerland and Germany. The team attaches great importance to the security of the data of the content which is exchanged between users as well as to its privacy policy. In fact, all data transmissions are protected by end-to-end encryption. In addition, the publisher stores data on servers that are only located in the European Union, Germany, and Ireland. Thus, the European data protection regulations apply for Wire, it is one of the most protective regulations in the world. The Wire can be considered one of the most secure software on the market.

Many interesting Skype alternatives

The summary table shows in particular which applications allow you to make a video call with more than two users: in addition to Skype, many applications offer this option. For the rest of the features, the services are rather similar to those of Skype. Instant messaging is offered by almost all software (except Google Duo and FaceTime). Finally sending and transferring files is possible with the majority of alternatives to Skype.

It is interesting to note that despite the criticisms addressed in the past to many applications concerning data protection and privacy policy, there are few numbers of software that offers strong security. However, there are 3 software programs: Jitsi, Tox, and Wire which offer good protection for audio, video and text message content as well as a reinforced personal data protection policy.

Users should take into account that the use of these applications on a mobile device such as a Smartphone, quickly consumes your available data volume. This is why it is recommended to use a local Internet network, powerful if possible, in particular, to make your video calls, which will also ensure better audio and video quality.

(With Unlimited Coins) Download Game Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk

Let’s face Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: the bad guys fascinate us. Whether they are engaged in the destruction of the world, to raise a fortune, or even moved by revenge. There are many people who, for one reason or another, identify with the villain on duty, coming to cheer for them.

Download Game Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk

Especially if the latter is nice, clumsy, or otherwise do not leak a really bad aura. It ‘s the classic example of beep beep and Willy the Coyote: who of you have never hoped to catch the fast ostrich?

It’s just a villain is the protagonist of Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble, an addictive game, available free for Android and iOS devices. You easily Download Game Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk from here.

The information about Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk Game

Bob is a cute and messy thief who, in the course of the game, made up of 60 levels, will find himself in paradoxical situations, between petty theft and missions for the salvation of the world!

Download Game Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk 2

In fact, even if he is a thief, in reality the protagonist of this game also has a “gentle” side, like the more famous Lupine, who will take him, among a thousand adventures, to save the world from the evil, to help organization of the marriage of the sweet daughter of the mafia boss Don Cannelloni and if this was not enough, to investigate the existence of extraterrestrials.

The Background of Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk Game

Background of the game will be three cities in which, between a misdeed and a good deed. We will complete this full-bodied title.

The gameplay of Robbery Bob 2 Mod APK is well developed and intuitive: we will have a panoramic view from above and, through our taps, we will have to be able to not be identified by the vigilantes, run away from old ladies and perform different actions. To achieve success we will have to support reflections and reasoning: in fact, the difficulty of the game will increase as the story continues, leading us to replay the same level several times. Bob will be controllable via a precise and reliable virtual joystick.

The graphics sector is rich and well cared for, with three-dimensional polygons with a solid and colorful appearance, giving the impression of being in front of a cartoon rather than a mobile game. Discrete is also the audio component that accompanies, without ever becoming intrusive, the dynamics of the game.

In Robbery Bob 2, it often happens that you want to catch someone’s neck. What is the problem that is, in most cases, this is the neck of an OAP which you want to divide into two. If we reward you for feeling bad for you, then Robbery Bob 2 will surely run away.

Fortunately – at least for OAP – Robbery Bob 2 does not leave any chance to kill or injure any of your targeted targets. Despite decades of stealthy games, we have learned that the most direct way to succeed is to tamper with the person you want to avoid and improve your life. In the last part of Chillingo, however, if you can, then do not pay attention. Bob is himself the only person to be damaged, who is beaten every time by his assailants on various instruments.

Although the story behind it is a bit weird. After being released from prison in the original version, Bob is running in this sequence. The opening of the game starts because he literally tries to avoid legal references due to the collapse of the marriage. Thus, in the fear of falling on the wrong side of the enemy’s father, Robbery Bob 2 has the principle of trying to repair the problem, which is one of the scariest mafias in the city. Thus, Bob tries to enter the building after this building and tries to replace damaged objects during his marriage. Yes, this is a bit turning configuration, but in the general plan, this is not important.

All you need to know is that you have to go through a series of 2D steps to carry the items raised without items and are asked to take them out of any building, it is called for infiltration. is. As seen from above, Bob basically has two tools in his arsenal; The ability to crawl very slowly and quietly and to run fast in small explosions. The latter is very noisy, so it should be used at least and, for the most part, successful efforts include involving your enemy’s activities and sliding without knowing it.

It’s like trying to navigate a maze. Each piece of the building should be seen at a time, without any visible visualization, there is only one method to achieve it while raising the scattered Trenet around each stage – the question of doing this work is similar. Do you need to disturb the guards? And if you opened the door? Is it really worth an extra commodity?

This is definitely if you want to get a correct score at every step. Robbery Bob 2 games where you can perform a blitz if you want, triggered all the alarms and alert all the security personnel of each stage if you want one of them, provided you select the object. And go to the exit. You should be able to get to the end without being able to find out if you are smart enough, he is indisputably done: There are also a little easier and often more enjoyable are the items that you shop Through a crowd of people who can buy games, for example, fascinating to distract your closest foe and leave a mechanical mouse to slip you.

However, for those who want three stars in each phase, Robbery Bob 2 mod apk is another animal: tracking slow movements, strategic races, and people’s activities. It is the purest stealth and uses such a strategy that players will be used more in classics such as metal gear solid. For this reason, two errors in the game are more shocking.

First of all, the control of the game seems a little loose. Using virtual knobs and joysticks, this is a common occurrence for setting up and displaying alarms, since Bob has decided to take some steps in his direction. This does not mean that a game is broken, but it is safe to say that you do not really feel in control of your movements.

The form of the game is also beneficial. Flight Bob 2 is clearly a bit ugly. It’s neither cute nor crazy, nor smart and stealth. Instead, everything looks a little amateur, and the fake Tom and Jerry style does not really fit gameplay or draws. Instead, it seems a bit weird to combine with the strange story of the game, which is otherwise a consolidated effort, there is only one touch.

(Latest Version) Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

This week has appeared on the network, after months of waiting, BlueStacks, a program that runs applications and Android games in Windows 7 (and soon on Mac). It is an initial alpha version. I’m going to provide you with the bluestacks offline installer direct download link from this article.

bluestacks offline installer direct download

BlueStacks comes with a list of pre-installed Android applications, but also allows us to move our own applications from our Android terminal. Even with everything, BlueStacks offers a series of restrictions and special additions.

The official features of BlueStacks Offline Installer:

  • Play Android applications and games full screen and quickly
  • The possibility of transferring your favorite Android applications from your Smartphone to your PC using “BlueStacks Cloud Connect”
  • Run 10 pre-loaded applications as soon as you install it
  • Install up to 26 more applications
  • You can go slow on old laptops or tablets
  • Available for free for Windows 7

Although not yet available, BlueStacks will have a “Pro” version of payment (with undetermined price), which increases the capabilities of the program in a couple of aspects to what already exists in the free version:

  • Enjoy “Premium apps” like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope on your Windows
  • Install an unlimited number of applications

This program will be tremendously useful, for example, for users who have Windows 7 tablets and do not want to deprive themselves of having an “almost” android experience.

I have tried it and we are going to tell you about the general impressions left by this first alpha launched this week:

When finished installing the executable file for Windows 7, which occupies about 110 MB, and can be downloaded directly from its official site, it leaves us a “gadget” on the desktop of our system, from it we will immediately access the 10 pre-applications. -installed very comfortably.

Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

==>> Bluestacks Offline Installer Direct Download for Your PC

These applications logically work without major problem, both in horizontal mode and in vertical mode, as well as in full screen or original resolution.

Thanks to BlueStacks Cloud Connect and your client for our Android terminals, we can send the applications to the cloud with a simple tap of the finger (as is, a mini-point for its creators).

Yes, it is not guaranteed that each and every one of them works, currently, there are applications that do not work (case of the well-known WhatsApp) or even show the feared “force close” of Android, as is the case of iLightr. Others cannot be executed because they are “Premium”, according to the developers, as is the case of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds.

Others work without problems, although they require the use of specific parts of the phone (microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth). Talking Tom 2, for example, makes the system microphone work perfectly, Dolphin Browser HD is not lost when surfing the internet with our WiFi card of the team. Others like the controversy “Penetrate”, does not locate WiFi signals, but it does allow downloading dictionaries from its database.

It is also possible to install “launchers” like the ADW Launcher (for Youtube there are videos that show it) and enjoy practically a complete Android experience. To use the BlueStacks Cloud Connect system it is necessary to register using Facebook, one of the drawbacks. On the other hand, the touch controls will be made with the mouse, touch screen or trackpad of the Windows system. For multitouch applications, it seems that we will have a little complicated.

I encourage you personally to try this program for yourselves and comment on your experiences with it. We are waiting for the release of improved versions, with more features and the Mac version.

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Download DAEMON Tools Lite Offline Installer for Windows/Mac

Daemon Tools is one of the best known optical drive emulation software (CD, DVD, and Blu-ray) or hard drive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. If you are looking for Daemon tools lite offline installer then you have reached the right place. Before going to download daemon tools lite offline installer, I’m going to share some secret information which you have not heard before. So, let’s start.

Download DAEMON Tools Lite Offline Installer for WindowsMac

Why Should You Use Daemon Tools?

In concrete terms, the powerful Daemon Tools software allows you to create one or more virtual drives and then “mount” a disk image. The emulated image will appear in the system as the disc would have been if it had been inserted into the corresponding drive.

Check out Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk from here.

What is A Disk Image?

Created by the user (or downloaded from the Internet), the disk image may be the perfect copy of a music CD or DVD, a DVD or Blu-ray game, software, movie or series. This can then be burned via software such as Nero Burning ROM or CDBurnerXP for example or emulated as with the daemon tools lite offline installer.

Creating a disk image is indeed an excellent way to save its optical media because they are unfortunately not tamper-proof.

Note that most rescue disks, such as SystemRescueCd or Hiren’s BootCD, and operating systems like Windows 10 or the “live CD” such as Ubuntu are available as a disk image.

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The Features of Daemon Tools Lite Offline Installer

A flagship disk emulation software, DAEMON Tools was able to stand out by the number of options it offers in particular to pass the protections erected by video game publishers. This is no longer the case today.

By default, with DAEMON Tools Lite you can edit disc images in many formats as well as create new ones from your media.

The Other Functions of Daemon Tools:

Image editor: create an audio or data image, convert an image
Burn a disc: burn a disc, a data or audio disc, copy a disc, erase a rewritable disc
Virtual hard disk: create/add a VHD, add a file TrueCrypt, add a RAM disk
USB Bootable: make a USB key bootable, protect its data via a password on the key
Virtual burner: it also works as virtual burner fro your pc.

DAEMON Tools Lite has an agent that you can launch at startup, define custom folders for your images, virtual hard disks, and so on.

Note finally that during its first start DAEMON Tools will offer a small tutorial allowing you to understand the software before use. The software is multilingual and therefore accessible in any language.

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The Different Versions of Daemon Tools

DAEMON Tools Lite offers to create its disk images (MDX, MDS or ISO) and to mount up to 4 virtual drives (DT, SCSI or hard disk).

DAEMON Tools Pro offers to create, edit, convert or burn your disk images (MDX, MDS or ISO) and to mount up to 32 virtual drives (DT, SCSI or hard disk). It also offers the possibility to create and consult a catalogue of its images.

Finally, DAEMON Tools Ultra offers, in addition to creating bootable USB devices, virtual disks in RAM or encrypted TrueCrypt disks. In this version, the software also becomes portable and allows the emulation of virtual recorders to generate disk images from other software.

What are Image Formats Compatible with Daemon Tools?

DAEMON Tools is one of the most widely compatible software programs since it supports:

MDX (Media Data eXtended), MDS (Media Descriptor Sheet), MDF (Mirror Disc File), ISO (standard ISO), IMG (disk image files), CCD ( CloneCD ), ISZ (compressed ISO), CDI ( DiscJuggler ), B5T (BlindWrite 5), B6T (BlindWrite 6), BWT (BlindRead), NRG ( Nero ), VHD ( Virtual Hard Disk), TC ( True Crypt Virtual Encrypted Disk), ISCSI, Virtual Machine Disk ( VMWare ), VDI (Virtual Disk Image, VirtualBox ), ZIP ( WinZip ), CUE (Cue Sheet), APE, BIN (Binary) ), FLAC and WAV.

Download Daemon Tools Lite Offline Installer for Windows and Mac

For Windows Download
For Mac Download

Now, I’m going to discuss on how you can daemon tools offline installer with step by step. You can Download Daemon tools offline installer windows 10 from here which is compatible with different types of Windows version. You can get it for your 32 bit or 64 bit pc.

Step No. 1: At the very first, you have to download the Daemon Tools Offline Installer to your computer from the here.

Step No. 2: Wait for installer file to download and once it installed double click and ran the file.

Wait for sometimes to download this file which depends on your internet speed. After installing the daemon tools offline installer in your pc just opens it by clicking the icon of that tool.

Step No. 3: Here you have to select the type of license either paid or free.

Download daemon tools lite offline installer

Step No. 4: It will start to download automatically, once you select the license.

Step No. 5: Once the download completed, just click on the “Install” option for opening the Installer tab.

Step No. 6: After that, you should follow the instructions one by one to install the daemon tools lite in your pc.

Step No. 7: Finally, click on the “Finish” option to complete the installation option.

Hope you like this information. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Best Foot Massagers Opinions

“If it did not exist we would have to invent it” is the phrase that comes to mind when we use a foot massager for the first time, what is it? It is a technological device that provides stimuli of various types in the feet of the user.

Foot massagers are divided into two main types: those that provide dry massage and those that immerse the feet in the water . However, its operation is very similar.

best foot massagers

The equipment consists of a surface with protuberances that apply movement and sometimes heat on the soles of the feet, producing a sensation of relaxation and well-being that can be considered as a real luxury.

How does a massage device work?

The foot massager stimulates the whole body in impressive ways. The sensation of relaxation is transmitted from the feet and generates benefits such as increased blood circulation, reduced pulse and blood pressure, improved metabolism and relaxation of muscles, skin and other tissues.

The different models are equally useful for people who, due to their occupation, spend a lot of time standing or under a lot of pressure since they relax and irrigate muscles, tendons, and nerve endings. They offer immediate relief from the pain caused by different types of medical conditions such as diabetes and certain neuropathies.

Types of foot massager

No need to be sick to indulge in a foot massage with these incredible devices. It is always a pleasure, after a tiring day, to put aside the shoes and sit down to enjoy the pleasure of a foot massage with relaxing, analgesic and therapeutic effects. For this, it is only necessary to choose between a huge range of models and variations that respond, above all, to the type of intervention intended by its designers. The most important varieties are:

Based on hydromassage for feet: direct the water with a specific pressure and temperature to stimulate blood circulation.

Infrared: to give a dry massage. It stimulates the organism through heat directed in a certain way for therapeutic purposes.

Shiatsu: an oriental technique of massage with balls. It is based on the principles of reflexology to reach any organ or part of the body through endings on the feet.

There are also wooden utensils designed for the same purpose that does not require electrical power. These are an excellent alternative to take during long trips.

It goes without saying that, the proven health benefits and well-being of the use of foot massagers make it clear that these, while not a substitute for a doctor’s treatment, are a perfect complement to treat many conditions.

Turn ON And OFF Galaxy S5 Safe Mode with Video

You want to know how to turn off safe mode on galaxy s5 and do not know exactly how this works? On this article, we have created a brief but complete guide in which you can see how to enable or disable the so-called Galaxy S5 Safe Mode.

galaxy s5 safe mode

Just a few weeks ago, the new flagship from the company Samsung had appeared, and this is no smaller smartphone than the successor of the S4. With the Galaxy S5, there are not only some visible changes but also a lot of innovations on the hardware and software side.

But even the best mobile phone can not work as it should because of malicious apps. Even though the download of apps from the official site like Google Play is entirely safe, you have under Android nevertheless the possibility to download from other sources apps. This can be partly a problem because some people download apps from dubious sources, which in turn are endowed with some kind of malware.

This is partly even so far that the Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot start anymore. What you can do when this case occurs and why you often read from a safe mode, we have summarized you briefly in this article.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Galaxy S5 or Disable Galaxy S5 Safe Mode

The safe mode Galaxy S5 can be explained quite simply if this is activated then starts the smartphone only in the factory state. If you’re a bit familiar with Computers and Windows, you can compare safe mode to Android in principle with the safe mode of Windows. If something goes wrong or an app can take over the smartphone or even do not allow a proper start, then you can get a first impression with the secure Android mode. Since no third-party apps will start at the time of start-up of the Galaxy S5.

Get Your Answer of How to disable or enable secure mode Galaxy S5

Frequently, the question is asked how to disable safe mode and which key combination must be used. Whether the device is in this mode, you can recognize in the lower area on a gray lettering.

Disable mode

To disable safe mode Galaxy S5, you just need to restart your smartphone. It is important to ensure that no buttons are pressed, or you have your complete fingers on the touchscreen. Simply turn off the smartphone and turn it back on without pressing anything.

Activate mode

  • To activate the mode, proceed as follows.
  • Shut down Galaxy S5 completely
  • Galaxy S5 and keep the volume key pressed during the startup process until Android is fully started

We hope you have got your answer for galaxy s5 safe mode. If you have any doubt, then please comment bellow, we will reply ASAP. Thank you.

What is the difference between a modem and a router

What is the difference between a modem and a router, what does these two devices? May it be cheaper to buy these devices or better hire? Here, we are going to give complete information on these questions by evaluating the possible benefits.

In the following segments, we are going to describe what the job of a modem and which to a router; the ultimate goal is to understand what serve the user to purchase.

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Routers and modems are separate components, in some cases, integrated into a single device but still have clear and different purposes.

The difference between a modem and a router

Now it’s time to know about a router

On a local area network, the router lets you share web access to all connected devices. It is also the component that allows devices to talk to each other, in addition to providing enhanced capabilities in terms of safety. Keep reading “What is the difference between a modem and a router”.

Today a lot of home networking routers are available on the market, even a Wi-Fi module that performs the task of the access point, by creating and managing a Wi-Fi network. On the back of the modem are usually provides several Ethernet ports that provide cable connection of devices.

difference between a modem and a router

So far we have described the function of the router in respect of devices connected to LAN. Now we will move towards the outside of the local network to the Internet Service Provider and the Web. The exchange of data between web servers and local devices will be processed via the router, and in particular through its public IP assigned. The router will then be able to forward the information to the various local clients correctly.

It seems clear that only with a router you cannot access the Web directly: this component comes with an Ethernet port that is connected to a modem, or to a device that makes the link between the ISP services and the Ethernet port of entry which is associated with the aforementioned public IP. Before going to jump to the main topic what is the difference between a modem and a router, we have to know one more thing. Here it is.

Finally, it’s time to know about a modem

The modem is a component that we place in the hypothetical chain that exists between our PC and the Web. That means this element is located between router and ISP. Regardless of the technology used, the modem is intended to provide access to the web while at the router an IP address.difference between a modem and a router

Depending on the type of subscription, we will have the modem that can connect to the telephone network for DSL service, rather than other types of satellite radio or optical technology.

What is the difference between a modem and a router?

The Modem

The modem is a technological device that allows you to send and receive data over an analog or digital line, modulating and demodulates a signal is being received or transmitted to and from another modem.

In practice, the modem receives a signal from another modem via an analog or digital and makes it available to the system to which it is linked. Similarly, when the computer needs to send information about the network transmits to the modem which in turn demodulates and transmits on the available channel.

With the evolution of technologies and the need to enhance speed and range of transfers, modems have become and are becoming increasingly efficient. Having also become a must-have item in every household to allow access to the internet, the manufacturers also began to give importance to the design of modem by creating beautiful models of furniture.

The Router

The router is a device usually placed between your modem and an internal network that allows the routing of incoming and outgoing packets from the internet within a network, distributing the connection to the various connected devices.

This will cause the router to manage several parallel connections by separating the flow of information to and from any device using several memoranda of assignment including the DHCP.

Now domestic modem and router functions are handled by a single device, usually WiFi, which first receives the signal from the network, then distributes it on your home network. After collecting responses from devices and sends to the internet by keeping track of the different channels.

At the enterprise level router can be a real server and can also serve as a firewall. Hope this “what is the difference between a modem and a router” topic has helped you to clear your doubt.

How to Leave a Group Text on iPhone (IOS)

The iPhone group chat or text allow you to linked with your friends, colleagues, etc. to communicate with each other in one place or one conversation. This can be very helpful and useful if you are trying to arrange a party with friends arrange a meeting with colleagues or discuss your business activities. However, the constant alerts and a huge number of text messages which you will receive will annoy you. If you wonder how to leave a group text, then this article describe you the right method to leave a group chat and also explain how to send messages in group chat.

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How to Send Group Text on Apple Devices

  • Download Connect from the Apple application store and start the application and allow this to access your contacts
  • In the contact list, select the desired contacts which you want to send messages or you want to add them to your group chat
  • Now tap and hold with your finger on the name of the group
  • After that, you will be offered various options. Tap the option called message
  • All of your contacts will automatically check with default setting and added to your group You will also uncheck some of your contacts which you don’t want to be part of the group text. Then tap the OK on the upper right side (CORNER) when the process was done
  • Name of the contacts in this group will automatically update and appear on the contact Now, you will usually type a message and send it in your group chat

Leave a Group Text

How to Leave a Group Text

As you know in group chat, there are countless messages alerts may annoy you. Some peoples don’t like group chats, but their friends and colleagues added them. If you want to leave a group text then following are the steps to how to get off a group text:

STEP No 1:

First of all, you will locate your setting by a tap on setting icon which is appear on your home screen and access the menu.

STEP No 2:

Now, scroll down to the text messages icon and tap it to access your phone settings. Then, locate the SMS and MMS heading.

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STEP No 3:

Find the Group chats or Messaging line and tap the white colored circle next to disable that feature. When the feature is shown as OFF and your preferences are automatically saved.

STEP No 4:

Locate your messages on your phone home screen and tap on the icon. Now find the group chat which you were previously involved in and tap it. Go to the Edit option on the right top of the phone screen.

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STEP No 5:

Finally, this is the last step, now select the Clear All option which appears at the top of your phone screen, after that, tap on clear conversation option to remove or delete the entire messages. When this process is done, you will not able to retrieved or recover your messages again.

How to remove from group text? Above is the method to remove yourself from group text iPhone with very easy and quick method.

Hope this video will also help you to mute or leave a group text:

Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update Review – Best GPS Buying Guide

If you are looking for a best as well as best GPS device under $200, you should not look further than the Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update. This device will give you from point A to point B under this budget. I am sure that you will be satisfied with this best GPS device, Garmin Nuvi 52LM. Today I’ll share my practical experience in this article. After reading this article, you don’t need to read another article on Garmin Nuvi 52LM update review. All you have to do just read this article with very carefully. Again I’m telling you that this is the best GPS buying guide as well as a best Garmin Nuvi 52LM update review. I hope you will enjoy our Garmin Nuvi 52LM review article.

Garmin nuvi 52 lm

Before going to the review section, I’ll introduce Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update to you. Garmin is a famous company that produces a lot of professional aviation as well as marine devices which help for navigational assistance. Garmin Nuvi 52LM update is one of the best GPS devices which was superseded by Nuvi.

I hope you have already got the basic thing of Garmin Nuvi GPS. Now, we will go for the best review of Garmin Nuvi 52LM. Here it is:

Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update review

Garmin Nuvi 52Lm is one of the primary GPS devices which is made by Garmin Company in 2013. It can considered as an entry-level device for your car. It includes the most interesting features such as a 5’ screen, speed limit display, a suction cup mount, lane assist as well as junction view. It means it is an excellent option for those who want a basic navigator without having bells and whistles. Garmin Nuvi 52LM update has come with having a lifetime preloaded maps of the entire US except Alaska.

 Most attractive features of Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update

  • The Gamin Nuvi 52LM has included all the street names, voice spoken directions, user-friendly interface as well as time-saving apps.
  • The highlight feature of Garmin is no doubt that it is a 5-inch screen. This large screen can help you for making driving easier and safer at the time of driving.
  • Garmin Nuvi 52LM updated to life, to have the most current and accurate maps available.
  • The vehicle suction cup is included without any extra cost. You can install instantly to any windshield, without any effect on the device or the vehicle.
  • Garmin nuvi 52LM device’s touchscreen interface is so simple and easy to use. You will be surprised by seeing the application. These are too good.
  • Garmin Nuvi 52LM boots very fast and show you the best route to follow, but if you are unhappy with its result then you can tweak and change it until you get the best route.
  • There are a lot of apps are already included in Garmin nuvi 52LM such as where I am an icon, points of interest, and lane assist.

Other Garmin Nuvi 52LM Update features

GPS Receiver
The Garmin Nuvi 52LM update is organized with an excessive sensitivity WAAS-enabled GPS receiver.

Points of Interest

The constructed-in maps include over 5-million point of interest (POIs) such as eating places, gas stations, and ATMs to help you to find your necessary place. Furthermore, which you can download additional aspects of interest and add them to the custom POIs. The free POI Loader program can be downloaded from the Garmin website.

Lifetime Map Updates (Garmin nuvi 52LM update review)

The Garmin nuvi 52LM update offers free lifetime map updates so you’ll constantly have the latest maps, POIs, and navigation expertise.

Map Screen

The Garmin Nuvi 52LM shows an actual-time moving map illustrating your current position and intended route. It will give the map scale and geographic details of lakes, rivers, highways, and towns. If you use Garmin nuvi 52LM at the time of travel then it guides to show your destination with an arrow on the map. When you will go away from the normal route, the gadget recalculates the route and provides new recommendations. Garmin nuvi 52LM review can help you know more about it.

Speed Limits

When you will travel, the speed limit will be displayed on the screen. If you exceed the speed limit then a red signal will appear as a warning.

Where Am I

The “Where Am I?” function gives you instant access to foremost information in case of an emergency. While you prefer “Where Am I?” from the menu then the feature help you locate the nearest hospitals, police stations, and fuel stations.

5.0″ Touch screen LCD

The Garmin nuvi 52LM device has a 5.0″ color TFT touch screen liquid crystal display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels (16:9). You can choose one in every of three color modes for the display screen.

  • Day: Has a lighter, brighter background.
  • Night: Has a black background, easier to see at night.
  • Auto: Display automatically switches between day and night at sunrise and sunset.

Micro SD Card Slot

The Garmin nuvi 52LM has a micro SD card slot so that you can download and store further mapping knowledge from Garmin.

USB Port

Garmin nuvi 52LM has built with a mini-USB (type-B). The nuvi 52LM is compatible with windows XP or newer and Mac OS.

Junction review

Junction View of Garmin nuvi 52LM

This is another good feature of Garmin nuvi 52LM. This feature will help you to get the best look at any highway, also assist you by informing interesting point. Continue reading Garmin nuvi 52LM review.

Lane assist

Lane Assist on the Garmin nuvi 52LM

This feature works in combination with junction review. It will help you to choose the best route for your destination.

Garmin nuvi 52LM pros

Big & bright 5.0” screen allow you to focus on the road
Lifetime map updates
Lane support with junction view
Speed limit display
Easy to find addresses

Garmin nuvi 52LM cons

Although you can hide a travel details, the only way to remove this with a hard reset


Highly recommended GPS device for your car

More Garmin nuvi 52LM reviews

Are you ready to buy this Garmin nuvi 52 LM GPS? If yes, then buy Garmin nuvi 52LM from Amazon to get more discounts.

We hope you that you have enjoyed our Garmin Nuvi 52LM Review.

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How to recover deleted pictures on Android

An impulsive gesture, a mistake, or even a big bug, and there goes your photos, videos or favorite songs. Even if you do not have a backup, all is not lost! Today I will show two ways to recover deleted files and bring them back to your Android.

How to recover deleted pictures on Android Via computer

No need to root your device to retrieve audio files, video and photos from your smartphone. You will need to use a computer and a program like Recuva.

How to recover deleted files on Android

  • Connect your Android device to your computer;
  • Open Recuva;
  • Select your device in the top list on the left and click Scan;
  • When the scan finished, select the file and click Recover.

The preview of your file is not available, but do not worry, this is normal. This time, save the file to your computer! With Recuva, you can also select more files to get them all at once.

You can also use an alternative program to Recuva: it is called 7-Data Recovery and works the same way.

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How to recover deleted pictures via application

Some applications allow you to recover deleted pictures directly from your Android device. We can suggest the DiskDigger, which recovers deleted files from the internal memory or microSD card.

Please note: This app is only applicable to a rooted device only.

The app works like a computer program: Open this app, activates a scan and select the files you want to retrieve. This time, you can view the erased photos or videos more quickly, and the application allows you to send to your email.

What do you think of these methods? Do you know another way to recover deleted files on Android?

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