Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

Hello friend, this is a secret news for you. If you want to increase your IDM download speed, then you have reached the perfect place. If your question is, “Which is The Best Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed?” then you’ve arrived at an ideal place to get answers. Actually IDM is the best download manager compared to others like DAP, Orbit and many others. It is really a famous software and it is used by a lot of users globally because of its simple and powerful features.

It has the ability to increase the speed of download compared to any other download manager. If you want to increase the download speed, then you have to use a secret application, called IDM Optimizer.

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This optimizer has a great function by which you can boost your IDM speed easily by simply enhancing some registry records like it allows to change the net speed, Connection type, and some other items.This might help you to increase your IDM downloading speed.

Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

When you will go to fire up the IDM optimizer software then you’ll see a window, shown in the above area. Now you have to click on Maximize Now button.Once you click on it, A popup will open to restart IDM setting making sure that it will take effect.

Tricks to Increase IDM Download Speed:

  • After downloading this application, unzip IDM Optimizer and then your app is ready to go.
  • When it works successfully,  then you might require to restart Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  • Restart your current IDM and after this you’ve completed with this particular IDM Optimizer technique to increase IDM download speed.

Apply This Secret Trick To Increase IDM Download Speed

  • Now you can check your download speed in IDM and I think it will be boosted  by 20-25%.
  • If you wish to recover your own default configurations than you have to click on Restore Default.

Note: If you see any kinds of error within IDM or even confronted IDM Crashing since follow these steps..

  • You have to open IDM Optimizer.
  • After that, Click on Restore Default option. By clicking this option,  your IDM setting will reset and again you should follow as it was before.

My Experience: I have personally used this Optimizer and I have got a great result without getting any types of error with IDM.Further, I have observed that it increases in downloading speed in IDM.After start multi-downloading, this application works best.Finally, I can say it boosts my downloading speed up to 20%.

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