Apply These Tricks to Get More Likes on Facebook

Hello, Today I’m going to share my personal experience and that is facebook like. First of all, you have to clear one thing that is I’ll never prefer auto like. There are many online tools that can give you a lot of like but that likes might be fake. Here I’m gonna show you how you can get real and unique like. So, let’s check out this step by step guide to Get More Likes on Facebook. All of us always want to get dozens of ‘likes’ on everything we post on Facebook, be it a timely status update or a snapshot of their dinner. How do they do it? Here have my best tips to increase the amount of like on your page. All you have to do just follow these tricks.

Top Tricks to Get More Likes on Facebook

Customize your URL

An arrogance URL is an awesome way to make your Facebook page memorable, handy to find and easy to advertise – but remember that once set, it are not able to be modified so select accurately.

Use eye-catching images

As we know that a picture can say a thousand words’ so think carefully about the images you use to represent your business.

For the cover photo, we suggest an attractive, impactful image (851 pixels x 315 pixels) that indicates off what’s distinct about your business – be it lovely locations, famous products, iconic branding, or perhaps the best way your service makes your buyers believe.

  • You have to give some price and purchase information in details that look so attractive, such as “50% off” “Download now for free” on “”.
  • Contact information such as a website address is important thing. Also, you have to give Email, Mailing address that anybody can go your “About us” section.

Use a ‘Like Box’ plugin

The ‘Like Box’ plugin is social networking plugin.You have to use this plugin in the left or right sidebar in your website, enabling visitors to Like your Facebook page without having to leave your site.It also displays the number of users who already like your page and your most recent posts.

Use your authentic voice

People are your Fans and friends because they like what you do.If you use you voice in Facebook that should be true for your Company or Brand.

Include a call to action

Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”. If you ask your Fans to Share, Like or Comment, they’re extra likely to do it.

Be tutorial

People love to share how-to guide, step- by step, hints and tips.People always want to learn step by step tutorial.Don’t forget to use these words.

Be Active

Comment on other pages where your target traffic is already having conversations.First you have to like the pages and then keep your eye on their posts.After being the active member of these pages, should comments.Make sure your comments add to the conversation and help you build relationships. Share and tag your business page from your personal Facebook account

Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is a smart way to promote yourself online as you can target specific demographic and interest groups. Facebook offers a”Page Like ad” that contains a call to action to “Like Page” and display ad in the right-hand column of the News Feed.

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