7 Whatsapp Tricks To Become A Real Expert in WhatsApp

We all know that Whatsapp is one of the best application for chatting. But I’ll share some secrets Whatsapp tricks that can be very useful. WhatsApp is a messaging platform with 700 million active users around the world by the record of January 2015 – that can send and receive messages without paying. In one word, it is the best apps for chatting.

7 Secret Whatsapp Tricks to Be A Real Expert in WhatsApp

The application is available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Nokia and users can take advantage of various tools available in addition to the traditional functions, such as sending an email conversation, use the application without phone number or retrieve conversations that have been deleted by mistake.whatsapp tricks

Here I have given 7 secrets Whatsapp tricks that can help you to become a real Whatsapp expert. Let’s see in detail 7 tricks for experts that few people know:

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1. How to retrieve deleted Conversation?

All operating systems on which you can install the application perform an automatic backup every 24 hours for security, but these are copies of the previous week.
However, to retrieve deleted chat, you must uninstall and reinstall the application. After that, the phone will ask if you want to restore data. Here you have to give the actual date and time to get your earlier data.

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2. For Whatsapp Tricks: Find Out If WhatsApp is Free or Paid

The service does not have the same costs for all. If you want to find out if you are paying or using the free application, just log on to Settings-> account-> info payment and you will find all the details about your current condition.

3. For Whatsapp Tricks: Send Email Messages

It is easy and convenient. Many times you will receive messages on your phone with data and sending this information via chat gets boring. To avoid this and make the operation more convenient, just open the conversation that we are interested in, click on the name of the recipient and select “send email conversation”. You can also decide if you want to attach a file to the mail sent.

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4. For Whatsapp Tricks: Hide Conversations

In WhatsApp, users can not only hide the conversations but also received all files. In Android, this is done easily by “archive” option. In the case of iOS you need to go on “settings” and click “archives all the conversations.” So, all messages that are sent and received and the media will be temporarily hidden. To restore them, just click on “restore all conversations” on the same screen.

5. For Whatsapp Tricks: Use WhatsApp without phone number

To use this Whatsapp application without the phone number, you must skip the step of installation when you are prompted to enter your number. To do this, you need to proceed with the installation of the app after enabling the “airplane mode”. At this point, the system will take as a reference the email, which you can use as an alternative to the number.

6. For Whatsapp Tricks: Measure the popularity

How many messages have sent or received? To find out, just go to Settings > Account > Network uses. The screen will show the number of messages sent and received, and the “Memory” in Mb. In addition, you can reset the statistics and reset the counter to zero.

7. For Whatsapp: Change Profile Picture Automatically

Do you want to update your Whatsapp profile picture automatically but you don’t want to do it manually? If you also use Facebook your problem is solved. Go to Settings > Profile and select the setting “use your Facebook information.” In this way, the picture will change automatically when you update on the social network.

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